Man Found Unresponsive After Fight At Poverello Center Passes Away

by William Skink

It’s now being reported that one of the two men involved in the fight at the Poverello Center in Missoula has passed away, 45 year old Sean Stevenson. And for some reason the Sheriff’s Departments and KPAX want us to know Stevenson is from out of state:

A man who was involved in an assault at Missoula’s homeless shelter last week has passed away.

Missoula County Sheriff TJ McDermott reports that Sean Stevenson, 45, who is from out of state, died after being involved in an altercation on Friday night at the Poverello Center.

What constitutes “out-of-state” to the Sheriff’s Department? And why include this piece of information in the article? Is it relevant to the fact he’s dead? Let’s read more:

Missoula Police arrested Johnny Lee Perry in connection to the assault, but Perry has since been released from the Missoula jail.

The Missoula County Attorney’s Office has not filed charges in connection with the incident as Missoula Police investigate claims of self-defense.

Like I reported yesterday, Perry is already out of jail. Notice there is nothing about whether or not the alleged assailant is out-of-state. Interesting.

It’s absolutely confounding to me how people can languish in detention for misdemeanor charges while Johnny Lee Perry was out in less than 24 hours, before the guy he defended into unresponsiveness officially passed away.

What’s going on here? Are authorities setting up the dead guy to be the ultimate instigator of his own demise? That would get the County Attorney’s Office out of having to mount a more costly criminal prosecution, wouldn’t it?

Homeless guy, out of state, picked a fight, now he’s dead. Oh well, let’s move on.

Somehow I don’t think Sean Stevenson’s family will feel the same way.

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8 Responses to Man Found Unresponsive After Fight At Poverello Center Passes Away

  1. Sydni Stevenson says:

    His family does agree. This is not right and I hope there will be justice for my dad.

  2. tc says:

    “Passed Away” – Nope!!!
    “Altercation” – Nope!!!
    The victim was DEAD upon emergency response. Without airway, breathing and/or pulse. This person was dead. Missoula Fire/MESI on arrival found a pulseless, apniec, vib on monitor patient. Without emergency response (MPD, MFD, MESI) this person was DEAD.
    After great efforts the patient was revived – only to die again.
    But per POV this was an “altercation” among guests/clients
    If you cant name it you won’t solve it

    • Bernice Smith says:

      I appreciate your denouncement of the sickening “pleasantries” used like opiates. To hear retelling of his struggle to live speaks volumes. And there are still volumes to tell, particularly considering what succeeded his first demise.

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