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Is There More To New Commenter “DB” Than Meets The Virtual Eye?

by Travis Mateer First, some obvious housekeeping: my blog is not a platform to attack my friends and colleagues. I edited a comment recently made by someone claiming to be David Bethman, and when I did a quick search of … Continue reading

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CDC Gives School Board Cowards Cover For Backing Down Amidst Parental Sentiment Summed Up In One Word: ENOUGH!

by Travis Mateer On Saturday I got the good news, delivered by my wife, that my kids will be attending school on Monday WITHOUT masks. My wife was attending my middle kid’s basketball dinner, and EVERYONE was elated at the … Continue reading

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What Does A Work Of Fiction From 1962 Tell Us About War Today In 2022?

by Travis Mateer A war to determine the future order of the globe? Is that what’s happening? If you believe mouthpieces of the US Government, then that is what was tactically admitted this week when State Department spokesman, Ned Price, … Continue reading

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Hyper-Localism Keeps Your Energy Where You Can Actually Use It

by Travis Mateer I’m not fighting a war in Ukraine, or saving victims of human trafficking in Los Angeles, or organizing freedom rallies in Hamilton. Are you? I’m not waiting for the next ballot to arrive by mail, or hoping … Continue reading

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Local Media Landscape: Citizens Filling The Vacuum Amidst Legacy Media Failure And Censorious Critics

by Travis Mateer One of my local sources of information is a Facebook group called Let’s Improve Reserve Street. Here is how this modest citizen effort to provide information is described by its creator: This open, public, and engaging community … Continue reading

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