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Is Missoula As Vindictive As It Appears To Be To My Biased Eye?

by Travis Mateer I’ll be the first one to admit my perspective contains biases. Some of these biases have been acquired through experience, like my insider perspective on the homeless issue and the Engen regime, and my experience with political … Continue reading

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A Song For Danny Do-Do

by William Skink Ah, yes, the Skink. And his tendency to verse. Can my poetic alter-ego help it if the name Danny and the many character iterations it produces is fodder for my muse? The song: The words: sheep-dipped Democrat … Continue reading

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Former MRA Director Supports NOT Daniel Carlino For City Council

by Travis Mateer To understand the brief op-ed by former Missoula Redevelopment Director, Geoff Badenoch, you have to understand what Missoula’s political establishment finds so threatening about Daniel Carlino. On his issues page, under economic justice, Carlino has this to … Continue reading

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While Rattlesnake Residents Get Quieter Trains, Reserve Street Gets Car Pirates

by Travis Mateer The problems that arise in Missoula can be VERY different, depending on what part of town you’re talking about. If you’re talking about the Rattlesnake neighborhood–an elitist enclave that has been TERRORIZED by trains–the problem is obvious. … Continue reading

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Zoom Town 10-26

by Travis Mateer This week’s episode of Zoom Town is up.  For an idea of what we discuss I’ve included a helpful list of the past week’s posts.  Thanks for listening! A Week Of Car Chases And Other News Zoom … Continue reading

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