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Media, Mayor, Booze–Happy New Year!!!

by William Skink One of the positive results of last month’s election was the righting of the legislative wrong done to medical marijuana patients. Those in the wrong weren’t just anti-business Republicans led by Billings zealot, Steve Zabawa. I would … Continue reading

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“All Americans Should be Alarmed”

By JC Thus spoke President Obama¬†in his outgoing way. Actually and literally going out, as in leaving office in less than a month. So let’s all remember that the politics of fear is being ingrained into the populace by our … Continue reading

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Dan Gallagher, Rest in Peace

by William Skink Amidst all the high-profile deaths of musicians, cultural icons and film stars that have marked this abysmal year, the passing of Dan Gallagher saddens me the most. Dan was a Vietnam vet and ardent advocate for veterans. … Continue reading

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When Democrat Politicians Attack Homeless People

by William Skink I have no doubt that the social safety net will suffer under the Trump regime. One difference hopefully will be a more strident opposition to those efforts since Trump is a Republican, which means Democrats will suddenly … Continue reading

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War Against the Snow

by William Skink If you’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas then get ready for the foot and then some that’s accumulated over the last 24 hours. While the real life me will be having an idyllic snowy Christmas feast … Continue reading

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