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A Modest Proposal

by William Skink I can’t get away from NPR in the morning, thanks to my better half, which is usually annoying and sometimes triggering, but this week Marketplace has had a series of interesting pieces on the aging brain’s susceptibility … Continue reading

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Montana Democrats Signal Intention To Keep Losing

by William Skink Perennial Democrat organizer/cheerleader/true-believer, Nathan Kosted, is really lip-sticking the old pig in this gushing post about the annual gaggle of Democrats feasting at the Truman Dinner. But I’m glad I powered through my initial gag-reflex to read … Continue reading

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Did An Allied Intelligence Agency Have Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks?

by William Skink If information came out that indicated the intelligence agency of an allied nation had foreknowledge of a terrorist attack and not only didn’t alert US authorities, but were caught documenting it, wouldn’t you think that would be … Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism Is Quickly Becoming American Fascism And Most Americans Are Clueless

by William Skink Those not blinded by American Exceptionalism have long understood the antipathy many US leaders have had toward any international law restrictiong America’s ability to act, even unilaterally, when our alleged interests are being threatened. While the US … Continue reading

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The Sacrifices And Opportunities Of Missoula’s Affordable Housing Crisis

by William Skink Yesterday the housing recommendations were finally unveiled. I haven’t had the time to start looking at it yet, but I’ve been reading the reporting to get a sense of the PR effort involved to unroll things that … Continue reading

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