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Demystifying Missoula’s Reserve Street Homeless Camp Clean-Up

by William Skink David Neu, a confused Missoulian, was mystified enough with the recent story of the homeless camp cleanup to write a letter to the editor. Apparently the fact that trash removed is measured in tons didn’t clue David … Continue reading

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Making Music Again

by William Skink For most of the summer I have been locked out of using my ProTools recording software. My meager trouble-shooting abilities were not up to the task as the weeks became months. Finally, last weekend, with some help … Continue reading

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Bakken Bunkhouses: Tale of Three Cities

By JC Boom and bust; so goes the cartel capitalist cycle. But what to do when all of the man-camps start to dry up as the world saturates with the cheap oil of stagnant economies and petro-politics, leaving the expensive … Continue reading

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Why Does Richard Spencer Think Zionists Should Respect People Like Him?

by William Skink With all the recent attention on the rise of America’s white supremacist strain of fascism I’m curious if the anti-fascist resistance truly opposes fascism in all its guises, or just the American variety. One of the more … Continue reading

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On The Need For Defining Narratives

If people really want to understand the persistence of white supremacist ideology they need to understand the powerful need people have to exist within the context of a narrative that transforms the chaos of life into definable structures of cultural … Continue reading

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