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Missoula Needs a Change of Leadership

by William Skink Mayor John Engen decided to write an open letter to the Missoula community to explain that his recent absence from office was due to receiving treatment for alcoholism. Here is a portion of that letter: Not everyone … Continue reading

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NPR’s Weekend Edition Takes On #Pizzagate

by William Skink For National Public Radio listeners, weekend edition’s coverage of the growing #pizzagate scandal is probably the first they heard of claims that an organized pedophile network exists and is connected to politically influential people like John Podesta. … Continue reading

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The Fake News/Russian Stooge Front in the Information War

by William Skink By now you’ve heard the claim that there is an epidemic of fake news promoted by the Kremlin being consumed by unwitting Americans. This scourge of fake news is apparently so perniciously effective it may have even … Continue reading

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The Problem With #Pizzagate is Social Media Allows Stupid People To More Effectively Perpetuate Their Stupid Ideas, Says Dan Brooks

by William Skink I was very disappointed to see Missoula Indy columnist, Dan Brooks, provide a broad dismissal of the ongoing crowd-sourced investigation into another pedophile network comprised of influential people, this one operating out of DC. I say “another” … Continue reading

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by William Skink Who amongst you is left from the carnage of Thanksgiving? I, as a fully appreciative white man celebrating my reign over all delicious fowl and caloric constraints, shall bask in the glorious ascendency long denied me. I … Continue reading

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