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Updated Info

by William Skink I finally got a new email I will actually check regularly: willskink at yahoo dot com, which I added to the brief profile on the right of the screen. I find it fitting I’m starting a new … Continue reading

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Tomorrow has Arrived

By JC “What will happen tomorrow?” “Should not someone, somewhere in an authoritative position in our government, on a continuing basis, be counting the immediate costs of disappointments, . . . calculating the impacts on our international position, and keeping … Continue reading

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Avoiding the “Why” of the Refugee Crisis

by William Skink In Montana, the refugee crisis is a polarizing wedge issue eliciting xenophobia from the right and moral righteousness from the other side of the political spectrum. With all the media attention being thrown around, there continues to … Continue reading

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Awaiting the Inevitable?

by William Skink Bernie Sanders, Your Time’s Up: Time’s up for Bernie Sanders as his chances of winning the Democratic nomination slip further and further away. It’s true. He’s done for. Baloney! you say, Hillary could still be indicted for … Continue reading

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Making a Mockery

by William Skink In a school setting, mockery is a form of bullying that no teacher would ever promote. From the link: “Mocking” is usually perceived to be a form of verbal abuse that takes place in a face-to-face encounter. … Continue reading

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