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After Making The Phone Call That Got Johnny Lee Perry Shot By A Sheriff Deputy, Jackie Maxvill Is In Trouble Again

by Travis Mateer Yesterday, while checking the Missoula County Inmate Information Portal, I noticed the man who called his DAUGHTER about Johnny Lee Perry threatening him with a machete, Jackie Maxvill, was recently arrested on serious charges, but not serious … Continue reading

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A Race Baiter, A Sexual Predator, And The Church Where They Worship God

by Travis Mateer The catalyst for this article comes from the Kaimin, Missoula’s University newspaper, and its Open Air piece fretting about the traveling preachers and why they keep visiting UM’s campus. The race baiter referenced in the title of … Continue reading

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Why Was I Kept From Attending This Event Today?

by Travis Mateer The people who keep telling you, the tax-paying public, that we better get this crisis mill levy passed OR ELSE got a reprieve from having to deal with me today thanks to a staff member at the … Continue reading

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Bridges In Zoom Town!

by Travis Mateer You know bridges are kicking ass in Missoula when a tunnel is being rehabbed on the fly. Zoom Town, baby! Below is a song about bridges. Please enjoy it! For it is Friday, and the post for … Continue reading

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Was The Writ Of Mandamus A Ploy To Destroy The Candidacy Of A Political Outsider In Mineral County?

by Travis Mateer If I could have asked lead attorney, Lance Jasper, one question after yesterday’s court hearing, a hearing in which the Mineral County Attorney’s Office AND Sheriff’s Office faced serious allegations, it would have been this: was it … Continue reading

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