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Zoom Chron 10-Talking About Gentrification

by Travis Mateer This is a timely episode on a trend that shows NO sign of letting up in Missoula any time soon. Thanks for listening!

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City Council Member Daniel Carlino Is Hopping On The Citizen Anger Over Riverfront Development, But To What End?

by Travis Mateer Daniel Carlino, fresh off his razor-thin victory for City Council, hasn’t even been sworn in yet, but that isn’t stopping him from leaping into rhetorical action over the controversy that has erupted over the redevelopment of the … Continue reading

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The Omicrap Hillariant And The Anti-Mandate Protest Local Media Barely Covered

by Travis Mateer I am very appreciative of the latest iteration of corporate fear porn surrounding the OMICRON VARIANT. In fact, I think it’s hilarious. And also helpful for the resistance against the technocratic dystopia the global sociopaths are desperately … Continue reading

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Weird Northwest, David Lynch And A Song For Christopher Knowles

by Travis Mateer While preparing material for a podcast appearance, I ran across this interview with David Lynch by former Indy journalist, Skylar Browning. Here is an interesting excerpt relating to Missoula: Indy:¬†How long did you actually live in Missoula? … Continue reading

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Embracing The Tin Foil Hat While Former Football Players Further Gentrify Zoom Town

by Travis Mateer On the day before Thanksgiving my appearance on Sam Tripoli’s Tin Foil Hat went live and I couldn’t be happier. This is just one way I’m hitting back the narrative controllers of Zoom Town. While I discuss … Continue reading

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