Who Is Responsible For Rebekah Barsotti’s Missing Personal Items?

by Travis Mateer

The video that accompanies today’s post will do most of the heavy lifting, so I encourage you to begin there. For some background on the Mineral County Deputy Attorney who quickly shuts down my recording of him in his natural habitat, I’d check out this post about his on/off button, and this post about his cowboy hall of fame status.

After reviewing the video footage I took, compared to the notes of what Wally Congdon said on October 13th, it’s hard to pull out the highlights, because there’s just so much bullshit being tossed around, which makes sense from a County formally under a writ of Mandamus, per Judge Shane Vanetta.

One of the things that would be great to know is WTF Congdon means when he says OPEN FILE? This is apparently nothing like a “criminal investigation”, which I was told isn’t happening at the state level, but don’t tell Wally Congdon that, because, other than the secret bridge in the water, Congdon doesn’t seem to know much.

Here are some things Wally Congdon doesn’t know: where the laptop is, where Rebekah’s gun is, where the items in Rebekah’s Missoula trailer were released to, where Rebekah’s phone is, and what happened to the copies of Rebekah’s notebooks.

And here are some things Wally Congdon thinks he DOES know: David Barsotti got his guns back some time after Labor Day without the court-ordered right Angela Mastrovito had to review those firearms (either by herself or a chosen representative), a bridge exists in the water, and an insurance policy exists on Rebekah Barsotti that ONLY paid out upon an accidental death.

The question posed in the title of the post might have an interesting answer. Maybe the “grieving” husband, who won the status of Personal Representative in the civil case regarding Rebekah’s belongings, including her remains, is the one responsible to track the status of the items now missing.

One thing is for sure, don’t enter Wally’s office with a recording device going because he WILL rapidly approach you citing his hourly rate as a private lawyer because, as I was told by the buffalo himself, he only works 30 hours a week, meaning I must have caught him on his private lawyer time.

I continue to astound myself regarding my public/private powers. Good thing I stopped recording because otherwise I’d owe Wally $226 dollars.

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