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Why Isn’t Missoula a Liberal Utopia?

by William Skink In a recent post, James Conner claims there is something rotten in Missoula, but he can’t figure out if it’s our community that’s rotten, the University, or both. Here are some of the factors Conner offers as … Continue reading

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Jericho: Not Just Another TV Show?

by William Skink I finished a series on Netflix this week that originally aired on CBS, called Jericho. The premise is what kept me watching through the melodrama, which was obnoxious at times. There will probably be some spoilers in … Continue reading

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Data, Democrats and the Dark Side

by William Skink The last Saturday before Christmas; a time for holiday parties, shopping and football. Oh, and a little movie franchise called Star Wars released one of the most eagerly anticipated movies since the last new Star Wars movie … Continue reading

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Trying to Separate Dissent from Personal Animus

by William Skink My reasons for maintaining anonymity have evolved over the years. When I first started writing at 4&20 Blackbirds in 2010 I actually didn’t give anonymity much thought. I had commented under a pseudonym and therefore started writing … Continue reading

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by Theodore Roethke My wrath, where’s the edge Of the fine shapely thought That I carried so long When so young, when so young My rage, what’s to be The soul’s privilege? Will the heart eat the heart? What’s to … Continue reading

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