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Human Services Meets Winter In Montana

by Travis Mateer This week’s podcast episode is a conversation I first posted last February with my former co-worker at the Poverello Center, Patrick Duganz. I think it’s timely, and also my interview planned for this week had to reschedule. … Continue reading

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The Seduction Of New Missoula: Andy Hotel Vs. Homeless Camp

by Travis Mateer Yesterday I combined some video footage I took over the MLK weekend. It’s timely, considering today is the day (January 18th) that the NEW official sanctioned homeless camp is opening up, right next to the sewage treatment … Continue reading

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You Need To Hear What This Man Has To Say, Missoula

by Travis Mateer By the end of this post I hope you are angry that I told this man–who you REALLY do need to hear from–not to bother submitting his opinion piece to local media. Who am I talking about? … Continue reading

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School Board Trustee Mike Gehl Is Exposing The Cheap Theatrics And Empty Posturing Of MCPS And Its Missoulian Media Jim Enablers

by Travis Mateer Mike Gehl should thank Missoula County School Board members and the Missoulian for amplifying his simple refusal to mask up at last week’s school board meeting. For parents like me eager to pry control of policies from … Continue reading

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Montana Democrats Won’t Reclaim Purple State Status In 2022 Because They Won’t Stop Their Identity Politics Bullshit

by Travis Mateer Montana Democrats weren’t always losers. That is why Montana used to be considered a “purple” state. But that designation was obliterated during the last election cycle. In the wake of historic losses in Montana’s 2020 election, state … Continue reading

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