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Are We Seeing The Sunset Of Tax Increment Financing Abuses In Missoula?

by Travis Mateer I really didn’t think I’d be standing where I was standing minutes before recording a short video clip outside the Capitol building in Helena, which the still image above is taken from. Why? Because I had written … Continue reading

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I Saw A Sign And It Did NOT Open Up Their Minds

by Travis Mateer A terrible tragedy has befallen our fair town! The new Beartracks Bridge, and educational material accompanying it, has been attacked! When will the scourge of white supremacy end! This tweet from a white man who failed his … Continue reading

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Week In Review: March 20-24

by Travis Mateer I had an implied question in the form of reader confusion about the goals of the TIF I announced on Friday (Travis’ Impact Fund). Here’s the confusion: To bridge the understanding gap that seems to exist with … Continue reading

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Introducing Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF)

by Travis Mateer What is the cost of this image? That’s a question I would REALLY like to have an answer to, but first I need to explain what you are looking at, then I’ll explain what I’m planning to … Continue reading

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Introducing Zoom Chron Readers To Mineral County Commissioner, Roman Zylawy

by Travis Mateer With rivers flowing and tourists scheduling their summer retreats to Big Sky Country, I think it’s a good time to introduce readers to a former Highway Patrolman and current County Commissioner, Roman Zylawy. The image above is … Continue reading

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