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Fireworks, Golf Courses, and Mass Extinction

by William Skink Stage I fire restrictions will go into effect for Missoula County at 12:01am, July 3rd. That means no fireworks, on either public or private land. Here’s more info: Stage 1 Restrictions extend the perpetual prohibition of fireworks … Continue reading

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The Negative Impacts of Alcohol Abuse

by William Skink Last February, when the Mayor’s Downtown Advisory Commission was examining how to reduce access to cheap alcohol for those with the most frequent contacts with law enforcement, Dan Brooks wrote a cute little piece of snark about … Continue reading

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The Global Economy in Shambles

by William Skink After writing yesterday’s post about the lack of affordable housing in Missoula and the economic mess in Greece, I ran across at least a half-dozen other articles I could have added. An article at Counterpunch about The … Continue reading

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From Affordable Housing in Missoula to the Austerity War in Greece

by William Skink A national survey on housing affordability labeled Missoula one of the “expensive surprises”, placing the median cost of owning a home at a quarter of a million dollars. Bob Oaks, director of the North Missoula Community Development … Continue reading

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Celebrate, but Remain Vigilant!

by William Skink Yesterday SCOTUS made it unambiguously clear that two people with the same under-the-belt mechanics can be legally recognized in all the ways us heterosexual married couples take for granted. That is huge. Yesterday’s victory took decades to … Continue reading

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