If I Was Rebekah Barsotti’s Mom…

by Travis Mateer

…I’d crash the County’s PROCLAMATION party being thrown this Thursday, because it’s a crock of shit.

I can’t even BEGIN to describe what Rebekah’s mom, Angela Mastrovito, and her husband have experienced during these agonizing months of trying to assess how much malice is lurking behind the malfeasance.

I imagine this kind of virtue signaling about missing indigenous women doesn’t help. Kind of like dumping a salt-shaker of salt on a gaping wound.

The PROCLAMATION was quickly shared by the Poverello Center, my former employer AND the place where Sean Stevenson was supposedly attacked by Johnny Lee Perry.

They’re both dead now, and men, so Thursday will NOT be a day to signal that their deaths matter.


Making PROCLAMATIONS looks like fun. Maybe I should try?

WHERAS, Missoula County joins with dark wizards to conjure false, inverted narratives to heighten cognitive dissonance like a psychopath in order to stun intended targets; and

WHERAS, there is not a comprehensive analysis of the playbook utilized in this modern era of convenient surveillance technology; and

WHERAS, data, numbers, stats...SEE we're smart! And you're NOT! and

WHERAS, all TIF funds will now be directed to transform our Mayor into an immortal cyborg! 

Seriously though, I’m sure Rebekah’s mom wishes she had the financial resources of our proud municipality, because then maybe she could afford to determine the degree of malice behind the malfeasance.

One man who WILL benefit from city money is former City Councilperson, Bryan Von Rocket Scientist. I appreciate the email that clued me into this:

Well how about that, a Clean Electricity Consultant Contract! Congratulations, BvL, I’m sure you’ll be a GREAT consultant with city tax dollars.

While this former official gets a nice paycheck, Angela Mastrovito gets more questions and heart-wrenching what-ifs that, if known by the public, might make them even MORE curious about the antics of the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department.

I’ll be talking about some of this, and more, this coming Saturday. Stay tuned for more information on that, and thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. Gina Rossi says:

    Not too long after Rebekah went missing, we, Angela’s family, reached out to this man in the linked article, Brian Frost since he was the Missing Persons Specialist that worked with families and law enforcement as part of Hannah’s Law. Yes, it appears that this is just (1) man appointed to handle a major issue in Montana. Busy as he was, he actually responded to us with sympathy and was willing to help be a conduit between family and law enforcement. However, he was told his services were not needed by both Sheriff’s departments. When Angela invited him to a meeting with both Sheriffs departments in September, he was told not to come by a member of Missoula Sheriff’s department. So much for fixing a broke problem in Montana.


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