Could A Veteran Program Be Taken Advantage Of By A Liar With An Eyepatch?

by Travis Mateer

The question posed in the title of this post is about a program run by a non-profit I used to work at, Missoula Aging Services. The Veteran Directed Care program is described at the website like this:

If you are a veteran, you may be able to receive support for living independently at home through the Veteran Directed Care program.

The Veteran Directed Care (VDC) program empowers qualified veterans to hire and supervise personal care aides to help with daily needs. The VA determines the eligibility of the veteran and qualification is based on the veteran’s level of need. Participants work with a dedicated MAS Care Coordinator to create a plan that fits their individual situation.

The liar with an eyepatch, who I understand has been a participant of this program from sources I’ve spoken with directly, is David Barsotti. I know David is technically a veteran because he served for a whole FOUR MONTHS, a fact derived from the DD214 document handed out at trial.

To be eligible for this program, David Barsotti would need to be a resident of either Missoula or Ravalli County. That’s why I my ears perked up when David drunkenly told the responding Sheriff Deputy in the body camera clip I saw at trial that he used to live “60 miles out” from Superior. That detail seemed significant to me, since I had been looking into the geographic eligibility of David receiving care after realizing Mineral County residency should have disqualified him from eligibility.

Here’s a screenshot from the Missoula Aging Services website regarding eligibility:

I became VERY interested and alarmed about this aspect of David Barsotti’s supposed persona (wounded veteran) after speaking to one of his caregivers last month, Brandy Walker. She was telling me some things that didn’t add up about ANOTHER caregiver, Bevin Adams, who just happened to be the last person to see Rebekah Barsotti before she went missing.

If you think that’s curious, check out this Facebook post Bevin wrote on July 21st, 2021, just ONE DAY after Rebekah was reported missing.

The language in this post is incredibly strange when you know it’s coming from the person who supposedly met with Rebekah at the Town Pump in Superior, Montana, before Rebekah disappeared. I mean, what’s more worrisome, the potential loss of a DOG’S life, or the wife of the man you’re caretaking for?

It gets even more curious (and alarming) when you know Bevin started working at Missoula Aging Services less than a year before Rebekah went missing, then shifted (I think) from working at the non-profit to working DIRECTLY as David’s caregiver.

Or maybe not. It’s not exactly clear. Just like A LOT of things aren’t exactly clear in this case, like what pray tell Sheriff Mike Toth is doing. That link goes to a March 6th post that got quite a lot of views. I guess I’m not the only one wondering what’s going on.

Toth, who HAD planned on running for Sheriff (he was appointed when the previous Sheriff resigned), suddenly decided NOT to run “for personal reasons”. That’s how Monte Turner reported it in this Q&A with Ryan Funke.

On Aug. 3, 2020, Mike Toth took the oath to be sheriff of Mineral County. He was appointed by the county commissioners following the resignation of Sheriff Mike Boone. 

For personal reasons, Toth decided not to run for the position, but two people that are already employed have registered for the primary and their names will be on the ballot in the Tuesday, June 7 election. 

Undersheriff Wayne Cashman was hired by Toth within minutes of his own acceptance of his position. Sgt. Ryan Funke has been with the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office for over four years.

What does one do when so much seems so utterly broken in a neighboring county’s criminal justice system? The trial I wrote about quite subjectively was allegedly prosecuted by the Deputy County Attorney, Debra Jackson. I say allegedly because I’m beginning to think Debra threw the trial.

Why did you have witnesses ready to testify, but didn’t call them, Debra? That seems really odd. Am I just seeing the tip of some monstrous iceberg that has everyone worried could bring down the entire ship?

To ensure the AG’s office is aware of the blossoming clusterfuck, I sent Kyler Nerison a constructive update via email to pass along to DCI (Division of Criminal Investigation).

Here’s a snip:

So far I haven’t been contacted by DCI, and really, it doesn’t matter. Anything their investigation turns up just goes to the County Attorney, and in this case that’s a woman who one of the private investigators thinks is having intimate relations with Sheriff Toth.

Therefore, to answer the question posed in the title of this post, HELL YES a Veteran program could be taken advantage of by a liar with an eyepatch, especially when so many jokers are slapping on face paint and playing their controlled little roles in this tragedy too many assholes are trying to turn into a farce.

If there are any adults in the room, now would be a good time to stand up and take charge.

Thanks for reading.

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