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Last Friday Nick Checota Officially Ended His Plan To Build A 100 Million Dollar Event Center, Hotel And Condos On Missoula’s Riverfront Triangle Site

by William Skink Fridays hold a special place in the news media world, according to this old NPR piece discussing the “Friday news dump”: Often, the White House sets the release of bad news and unflattering documents to late Friday … Continue reading

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Tech For Pigs, Death For Humans

by William Skink As society descends into violent chaos, our billionaire class is putting advanced technology into the brains of pigs. The title of the article says it all: Elon Musk demonstrates Neuralink’s tech live using pigs with surgically implanted … Continue reading

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The Unbuilt Temple, A Poem

by William Skink While Friday is a day for news dumping, and Monday is a day for officially getting to that dumped news, today is Saturday, and Saturdays are days here at RD I have dedicated to art and poetry. … Continue reading

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The Gap In Services That Will Undermine Missoula’s Mobile Crisis Unit Pilot Program

by William Skink Missoula is getting ready to launch a mobile crisis unit pilot program and I can already tell you where this program will have problems. When I appeared on Talk Back Missoula earlier this week I discussed my … Continue reading

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As Violence Escalates, Corporate Media Pushes Different Political Agendas

by William Skink The only thing more fucked up about the escalating violence in this country is how corporate media is covering what’s unfolding. Which incidents of violence should be highlighted and which ones should be downplayed? If you don’t … Continue reading

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