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The Difficulty Of What I’m About To Say…

by William Skink I know it’s going to be difficult to accept what I’m about to say because people get very invested in their chosen narratives, but it’s important that you at least be exposed to the notion that it’s … Continue reading

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O Sailor!

by William Skink I have two poems to share today. The first establishes me as America’s 21st century Walt Whitman. Do I know how egomaniacal that sounds? Of course, but it’s a kick ass poem that makes the reader do … Continue reading

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The Dark Star Has Risen

by William Skink Things are getting so weird so fast it’s hard to keep up. There are reports coming out of Minneapolis that an organized, right-wing element has coopted the protests that have erupted in Minneapolis after a police officer … Continue reading

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Complicating The Knee-Jerk Reaction To Bash Cops

by William Skink One of the easiest things to do right now is bash cops. The me from 20 years ago would have no problem bashing cops. Remember the riots that went down in Missoula when the Hells Angels rolled … Continue reading

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Gentrifiers Fix Their Development Gaze On Caras Park

by William Skink What Covid-19? What NEW NORMAL? There is absolutely no indication wafting from the illuminated brain trust running this town that there needs to be any reassessment of their GRAND MASTERPLAN, brought to you by Florida consulting firm, … Continue reading

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