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Our Radioactive Future

by William Skink While building walls has been a political issue, there is a wall that hasn’t gotten too much attention. It’s official name is the land-side impermeable wall, but it’s more common name is the ice wall. Here is … Continue reading

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Surprise! It’s Almost October…

By JC I’m one of those folks who believe that U.S. foreign policy (as an extension of plutocrats’ will), is probably the single most important issue facing us as individuals, as families, and as a community. In that light, when … Continue reading

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Missoula Further Isolates Itself with Gun Ordinance

by William Skink Over a week ago a 24 year old punk pulled a gun and fired it during an altercation near the California Street bridge. This occurred around 8pm in the evening. There is no information yet about how … Continue reading

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Is Ryan Zinke a Putin-Loving, Cold-War Starting Terrorist? Josh Manning, COMBAT VETERAN, Wants to Know

by William Skink Two recent pieces caught my attention. The first is a revisionist hit-piece on Zinke in another attempt by Democrats to use Zinke’s support for Trump as a political bludgeon, with a little Putin thrown in to make … Continue reading

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Debate Hangover Open Thread

by William Skink Well, the shit-show is over (for now). Trump self-destructed last night, bullying Clinton and that guy who was supposed to be moderating. If he was blowing lines of cocaine (the infamous sniffles) it certainly didn’t give him … Continue reading

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