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Missoula’s Meth Placation Plan Creates A Curious SAC For Federal Dollars, And Other Connections

by Travis Mateer I’m continuing to track the developments of Montana’s new meth placation plan, which got $248,000 dollars in Federal money from Project Safe Neighborhoods last November for drug prevention efforts. The PR infrastructure being built around this seed … Continue reading

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Trust The Plan Poem

by William Skink trust the plan trust the plot hope’s not dead more crumbs drop trust the pardons trust the spies 9-D chess, man trust disguise look at sheepdog! memes are great! hands in mittens chill dude, wait maybe it’s … Continue reading

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More Evidence The Missoula Current Is A PR Rag For Missoula’s Political Establishment, NOT A News Journal

by Travis Mateer I don’t make the claim that Martin Kidston’s online news rag, the Missoula Current, is a propaganda mouth-piece for the political establishment in Missoula as some outsider-critic. When I claim Martin Kidston’s work is a PR extension … Continue reading

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The Angel Investor And The Dating App: A Technology Love Story No One Needs

by Travis Mateer I was worried about the path technology was taking us, as humans, but that was before learning about ANGEL INVESTORS and how these amazing people are finding really cool ways to drop little angel seeds on people … Continue reading

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On What It Means To Me, As A Parent, To Have NO CHOICE When It Comes To Public School Fear Factories

by Travis Mateer I have been reluctant to write about what my kids are going through during this pandemic, but when a hyper partisan who is ALSO a school teacher tells me to ignore the rhetoric about “school choice”, I … Continue reading

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