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The Price Tag To Protect Missoula’s Political Status Quo

by William Skink How badly does the political status quo in Missoula want to protect itself from pesky critics like Jesse Ramos? Would they be willing to spend $41,000 dollars for multiple primary elections in order to keep democracy from … Continue reading

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A Brief Look At Ward 2 Candidate For Missoula City Council, Brent Sperry

by William Skink It’s nice to get kudos for the work done here. A recent comment released from the spam filter offered these generous words: Thank you so much for your reporting recently per Missoula TIF. I dont think that … Continue reading

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Notes From A Family Vacation To Yellowstone

by William Skink Yesterday was our family’s last day at Yellowstone. We got a late start in part because what should have been a quick stop for food in Gardiner turned into an absurd ordeal. The first place we stopped … Continue reading

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Tom Winter Sniffs TIF As Threat Of War Bums Me Out In Paradise Valley

by William Skink I am writing this post from a cold and rainy Paradise Valley. I’ve done a mostly good job unplugging and only using my devices to do the customary tourist thing of documenting everything on the old smart … Continue reading

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Is Coercing Contractors To Have Apprentice Programs A Good Idea?

by William Skink One of the more consistent complaints from all the conversations about the housing affordability crisis comes from developers and centers on the red-tape involved in the construction process. Reduce some of that red-tape, they say, and the … Continue reading

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