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Return to Twin Peaks

by William Skink May 21st, 2017, is the scheduled date for the return of Twin Peaks (I think I can trust the NYT for entertainment info). In preparation, I finished reading Mark Frost’s Secret History of Twin Peaks this morning, … Continue reading

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Mnuchin “Speaks” and we’re all F*cked.

By JC Listening to Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealing their tax cut package during a briefing at the White House today ( I know, torture time…), I heard the following response by Secretary … Continue reading

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Joshua Manning: Neoliberal Wolf in Progressive Sheep’s Clothing

by William Skink Common Defense is supposedly a group of progressive veterans, at least that is how it is described in the bio that always accompanies Joshua Manning’s posts at Cowgirl: Josh Manning is a combat veteran and serves on … Continue reading

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The Democrat Strategy for Staying in the Minority Forever

by William Skink One would think Trump’s support would be tanking after his myriad reversals and lack of accomplishments during the first 100 days, but if Democrats were hoping for a tidal wave of (justified) buyer’s remorse, recent polls tell … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Marching for Science as War Looms Large

by William Skink I’m not sure the science of it, but after forest fires do their thing, delicious fungi emerge, but only when the ground gets warm enough. This was the bounty from mother nature I sought today with my … Continue reading

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