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Ancient Myths Derived from Real Disasters?

by William Skink I’m going to take a little break from politics today in order to take a look at the lost city of Atlantis. Last week, I finished a book by Mark Adams, titled Meet Me in Atlantis. I … Continue reading

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Violent Felonies Don’t Contribute to Vibrant Atmosphere

by William Skink In the predawn hours two young men robbed a casino, kidnapped a family, led law enforcement on a high speed chase through downtown, fired shots, then somehow eluded authorities and are currently, as of ten this morning, … Continue reading

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What Makes a Vibrant Atmosphere in Downtown Missoula?

by William Skink Yesterday the Public Works Committee gave initial clearance for the Meagher Bar to nab parking spots for an outdoor patio.  It’s what I’ll eloquently call a bullshit move by City Council to give away public space to a private business interest. … Continue reading

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Why Do Democrats Want to Nominate a Criminal?

by William Skink There are Americans who have had their lives destroyed because they blew the whistle on government misdeeds. Sadly, Hillary Clinton is not one of them. On Monday, Democracy Now broke an important story that shows why Edward … Continue reading

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Troubling Political Trends Across the Globe

by William Skink Americans are too inundated with non-stop Trump analysis and Bernie bashing from our corporate media to pay much attention to what’s happening in other countries, but what’s happening is both disturbing and critically important to understand. Here … Continue reading

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