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Foreign and Domestic

by William Skink I was asked recently why I’m angry. This after picking a foreign policy fight in reaction to Missoula picking a gun background check fight. The point I’m trying to make is echoed in the conclusion of an … Continue reading

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Continuing the Foreign Policy Discussion Democrats Don’t Want to Have

by William Skink While most Democrats were busy mocking the Republican obsession with Benghazi, b, the German blogger who runs Moon of Alabama, highlighted an interesting, unintentional confession from Hillary Clinton. If Democrats could get their collective heads out of … Continue reading

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Libya: Before and After

by William Skink Before I get to the difference between amphibians and reptiles, I’d like to establish some pertinent information regarding how Libya functioned before Hillary Clinton pushed her humanitarian regime change, which turned Libya into a failed state. This … Continue reading

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Local Guns Vs. Global War

by William Skink While gun control in Missoula is chugging along, war control on the global stage remains berserker. In extending the Afghanistan war (to achieve what exactly?!) both Bernie and Hillary agree that more America warmongering is needed. Here’s … Continue reading

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More American Foreign Policy: Keeping Food from Starving Yemenis

by William Skink If you are in Missoula, and you are a proponent of passing a city ordinance requiring background checks for all gun transfers, then you may attend, or at least will pay attention to, the debate that will … Continue reading

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