Trafficking, Trauma, And An Attorney General Who Likes To Play Tough For The Media

by Travis Mateer

August is an important month in Zoom Town (Missoula) because it’s the month tourists are replaced by the migratory return of students to campus, college and otherwise. This makes narrative control VERY important for an AG like Austin Knudsen, especially as the criminal justice world feels the heat of an anti-Soros wave threatening the nodes of this “philanthropist’s” non-prosecuting puppetry.

Bolstering MY opinion that Missoula (Zoom Town) is a microcosm of macro-madness, our little AG is op-ed’ing just like George Soros did five days ago. In fact, if we’re taking about timing, Knudsen’s op-ed posted at the EXACT SAME HOUR the Missoulian posted it’s inaccurate headline about the MANNER of death in Rebekah Barsotti’s case.

Before getting to the dog that doesn’t bark in Austin’s op-ed, let’s take a look at the barking that does. Here is the Big Dog’s declaration, which comes after some anecdotal woofing:

Oh goody! Training! That’s sounds great! But not as great as my LOUD talking yesterday to NBC Montana about the piece I’m working on, tentatively titled WESTERN MONTANA IS THE LAST BEST PLACE TO KILL YOUR WIFE!

Should I mention I was speaking loudly while waiting for a sandwich and in close earshot to a former colleague who does the Crisis Intervention Training for local law enforcement? I should, especially since she hasn’t returned any of my phone calls, so I haven’t been able to tell her how ineffective her training appears to be in regards to Missoula County Sheriff Deputies and their ability to NOT KILL a black men swinging a machete 50 yards away.

Back to the op-ed, where our AG declares what needs to happen to make Montana MORE HOSTILE to traffickers, as opposed to welcoming them, like I assert we’re doing:

All this sounds just fine, which is the point of op-eds like this from an AG as the rape factories once known as Universities get ready to welcome coeds back to the hunting grounds where their bodies and futures can be raped simultaneously by predators and debt.

But let’s not wait until college because, let’s be honest, that’s kind of old. High school and younger is where we need to go, because that’s where Lowell Hochhalter and Guy Baker are, educating our kids about how NOT to become victims in the rape factories.

And here is where that dog isn’t barking: why no mention of your pals at the LifeGuard Group, Austin? Am I making that connection a political liability for you? Because you seem pretty happy to have your name on a poster that I saw last week posted in a bookstore in Hamilton. I even took some pictures.

To highlight my coverage of the intersectionality between the LifeGuard Group and the tangentially related case of Rebekah Barsotti, I’m going to use this post as a master list collating ALL the links of my coverage up to this point.

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