What Employing “Returning Citizens” In San Francisco Can Teach Eager Savior Types In Zoom Town

by Travis Mateer

A few weeks ago I was tagged on a tweet that led me from this article about Mothers Against Drug Deaths (and what they’ve uncovered) to the website of one of the organizations getting serious government loot to do whatever the fuck it is government officials think they’re doing to “combat” the cruel carousel of addiction, incarceration and homelessness.

Before I get to Urban Alchemy and the creepy logo, let’s examine a bit of the insanity being uncovered by Mothers Against Drug Deaths, starting with the safe injection site.

Attached to the center is an open-air drug consumption area, where addicts lie on the ground or slumped in plastic chairs all day.

They’re provided all the tools necessary to continue using — needles, foil, pipes and more.

There are also drugs available.

Directly across the plaza is the largest open-air drug market in the city.

If you haven’t seen it for yourself, it’s hard to believe. At least 100 drug dealers standing in the bright sunshine – without any fear of police.

Anyone that knows anything about addiction would find this unfathomable.

Yes, fathoming is difficult when you make logical but erroneous assumptions about what the intent of these programs and the money going to the organizations is all about.

Now, let’s get to the SUPPOSED intent of Urban Alchemy, which has this eye peering at you for its logo:

Here is some of the content from the website, like the general intent of the organization:

And who they are seeking to employ:

Nice sounding language, slick online design. Great. But what about, you know, stuff like RESULTS?

Going back to the MADD moms, here are some of the absolutely pathetic numbers their efforts have uncovered:

According to the city’s own records, which we have compiled, out of 23,000-plus visits to the linkage center since it opened in December, only 18 people have received medical treatment for substance abuse or have been successfully referred to rehab. And we don’t even know if those 18 people are clean today, because there’s no way to track them.

While Missoula is significantly scaled down, would it surprise you, dear reader, to know that I have, in my possession, numbers ALMOST as pathetic as the excerpt above? Well, I do, but a conversation I had a few weeks ago convinced me that exposing the joke of a certain phone resource might dissuade someone from trying to actually utilize it, so for now I’m sitting on the numbers.

Going back to the logo, maybe the creepy eye is a way to make it more memorable? If that’s the case, then I commend the LifeGuard Group for going with this:

Since I was having trouble putting my finger on what I was getting from this image, I did a few searches and found something that might be applicable: the fascist color palette. From the link:

Since sometimes visual symbolism is more effective than words, I decided to make a graphic comparison using “The Fascist Color Palette”- consisting of black, red, & white.

These colors subconsciously represent danger and power. They were used most notably by the Nazi Party, and also by George Lucas in Star Wars to visually define The Galactic Empire- controlled by the quintessential fascist dictator, Emperor Palpatine and his fellow Sith Lord, Darth Vader.

Is this the vibe I’m getting? Or is it more like aliens emerging from the red glow of their space ship?

And what kind of people would the LifeGuard Group like to employ? Under opportunities, the in-house manager position for the Crooked Tree Ranch is still being advertised. Here’s the less than grammatically sound overview of the position (emphasis NOT mine):

The LifeGuard Group is committed to identifying and responding to the needs of individuals at-risk of human trafficking and/or exploitation and those working to transition out of the life of human trafficking. The LifeHouse In-Home Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the safe house, as well as working with the Case Manager to develop case management and care plans for each client of The LifeHouse.

This position is most vital in the operation of The LifeHouse as well as the overall mission of The LifeGuard Group. This position will set the tone and culture for The LifeHouse. Dealing with multiple persons as well as multiple personalities can be very challenging. Patience and courage are of the utmost significance. In-Home Manager are expected to maintain a high level of presence within the home and act as an immediate resource to clients. Ongoing training will be required and provided.  

Ideal candidates are familiar with victim centered assistance and trauma. Beneficial to have exposure working on a farm/ranch environment, and have some experience in outdoor recreational activities (hiking, snow shoeing, gardening, fishing, etc.). Previous work experience in youth/adult mentoring is preferred but not required. Candidates must be patient, innovative, collaborative, detail oriented, able to handle multiple tasks, and remain calm and competent in stressful/crisis situations; must maintain appropriate example to residents in all areas of personal conduct and appearance; must display leadership and supervisory qualities.

As I combed through the specific duties and education requirements, this part jumped out at me:

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including ability to effectively communicate with residents and outside contractors

This time the emphasis is mine because I’m wondering how many outside contractors will be needed. Did I forget to mention that the Crooked Tree Ranch is supposed to be a “safe house” for victims of human trafficking?

While much of my writing–especially about these jokers–tends to be fairly critical, I have managed to make ONE positive observation about this group, and that’s how they seem to be bringing together unlikely political allies.

How else to explain the financial support by the Gianforte foundation PLUS the political/law enforcement cover provided by the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department, where the Sheriffs have recently run, and are currently running, as Democrats?

Did I forget to mention the CEO of the LifeGuard Group, Lowell Hochhalter, is ALSO the chaplain for the Sheriff’s Department?

Maybe I’m missing something. Is there some not-happening power flex I’m not aware of?

I don’t know, but I sure find all this to be pretty damn inspirational, which is why I’m writing so many poems and songs.

Which reminds me, I’ve got a special poem coming this Friday, so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to What Employing “Returning Citizens” In San Francisco Can Teach Eager Savior Types In Zoom Town

  1. John Ulrigg says:

    I took them to task on their Facebook page and remarkably the only blocked one of my comments saying that they turned a crisis into a profitable business

    It’s a lifeguard group’s been in existence for more than four years now

    My main bitch being that this 57-year-old male was human trafficked for his carpentry and construction expertise

    And when I refuse to dance with a narcissist she kicked me out evicted me in the middle of the pandemic and then filed charges against me and five restraining orders for which were denied

    Never had a relationship with this psychopathic narcissistic drunk driver

    Her oligarchy will end in 7 days then she becomes sentenced for her felony DUI which she made some effort at avoiding because as of last year she wasn’t even registered with the DLC after a guilty plea to her fourth DUI so something was being concocted to keep her ass out of the system

    And I toppled your cart now she has to face a judge

    Keep in mind when I ask this woman was she a human trafficker at a district court hearing about a restraining order she screamed the f word at the top of her lung six times never denied it just extol the virtues of the f word at the top of her lungs and a district court hearing and there was no criminal charge about that no criminal charge about the perjury although all that perjury was brought to Mr hawk holder’s attention and the fact that these are human traffickers but unfortunately they’re oligarchs so they’re connected you want proof she stood off with the cops for 10 hours and never went to jail or a mental health facility that’s what I call Mario mushrooming

    These people are just part of the sick click that can take care act or money Murdoch donations

    Town pump makes themselves look good by throwing money at this everybody wins right except the people who are being duped this man is a sheriff’s officer is he cross using information to enriching his nonprofit by God for sure this is just as bad as Zootown blue

    All of our prosecutors and judges are protected by immunity they can do whatever they want in the state or the city or no one will find them accountable for their malfeasance even if it’s illegal

    And you got three people here who call themselves the police commission and that don’t talk about police misconduct in the public eye at all and I know for a fact it exists cuz I’ve been the victim of it for more than 20 years

    I went into this ingrained along with the notion that these guys in blue with badges and brown and black with badges all do the right thing all the time his bullshit they do what they want to help their friends and to enforce the law against people they dislike people that they’re in the quick get away with committing crimes just ask the lady who stood up with the cops and play guilty to her fourth DUI she had a mistake set up where she wasn’t going to have to face the law like the common people but now guess what there she is getting fenced no wonder she’s so pissed off at me cuz I called The watch program

    I don’t step back when you start fucking with me I step up and I look you over with a microscope and I start finding everything you do wrong and I out it so please people keep coming at me with your bullshit

    The lifeguard group is just a way of monetizing something that should be handled by police departments and police officers and sheriff’s department and sheriff’s deputies it shouldn’t be handled by a non-profit that’s raking in millions of dollars in donations because they contemplate women and child sex trafficking the caveat is they need to do traffic and humans and they don’t they won’t even touch it or acknowledge it because it doesn’t make them any God damn money

    You know and I think back to that article I read about their employee that little video you posted on vimu about Joe black or whatever his name is it talked about being called away from the group of friends that were reading leading them down the wrong road that sounds like fucking grooming to me that’s exactly how children are groomed so let’s look a little closer at what’s going on there is this child grooming

    Remember what this Bible tells us that Satan will appear to be something he’s not that sounds like the shoe fits here they’re appearing to be something they’re not satanic is what they are

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