Is Montana A Sex Tourism State?

by Travis Mateer

The phenomenon known as “sex tourism” is an insidious part of human trafficking, and the locations notorious for this kind of exploitive market are usually thought to be OUTSIDE America, like Brazil, or Thailand.

Well, I don’t think Montana has the luxury anymore of pretending this exploitation isn’t happening right underneath out collective noses. That’s why I wrote this sarcastic article WELCOMING traffickers to Montana.

In that article I highlight a few notable characters in Montana who I think make our state an attractive investment for traffickers, and one of those characters, Bill Burt, just happens to be running a political campaign for Justice of the Peace, which is something I consider to be fucking hilarious.

The current Justice of the Peace, Alex Beal, is running to retain his job, and since he’s someone I’ve previously had some contact with when I was employed in the non-profit sector, I decided to reach out to Alex to make sure he was reading my articles.

In my conversations with Alex Beal I passionately voiced my concern about Montana becoming a sex tourism state, so it’s pretty ironic that a man from Washington state with an ‘uncontrollable deviant impulse’ would end up in Alex Beal’s courtroom. From the link:

58-year-old Kenton Shaull of Washington State is in the Missoula County Detention Center on $300,000 bond charged with sexual abuse of children.

Court documents state that Shaull traveled to Missoula specifically to engage in sexual activity with a person he thought was only 14 years old, but was actually a law enforcement officer posing as a child.

At his Missoula Justice Court appearance before Justice of the Peace Alex Beal, Deputy County Attorney Andrea Haney detailed the serious nature of the charges against Shaull.

One of the realities that makes Montana susceptible to this illicit market of human misery is local law enforcement’s lack of resources to keep up with what’s going on in this vast state, where people with DEEP pockets like to come and play. That dynamic creates a dangerous reliance on private sector entities to do things like search for lost people. I’m looking at you, Life Guard Group and Two Bear Air.

Another dynamic–and this is probably more specific to Missoula–is the retarded wokeness that sucks up the oxygen when it comes to non-profits, social media and creative content, like podcasts. Here’s an example from my former employer exemplifying what I’m talking about:

For some reason, I’m just not feeling the marketing of MISSING and MURDERED indigenous women, and it frankly creeps me out that the men are wearing those shirts, but maybe that’s just me.

Earlier this week I was driving my kids to get some food when my oldest told me his class is listening to the STOLEN podcast about Jermain Charlo. I immediately began telling my kids about the work I’m doing to expose the dynamics at play behind the scenes of podcasts like Connie Walker’s STOLEN series, dynamics that directly implicate supposed “helpers” in the fight against human trafficking.

I’ve been trying to get Connie Walker’s attention through social media, but, alas, I guess she doesn’t want her media product tainted by the possibility she was professionally handled by people like Detective Guy Baker and Chaplain/Lifeguard Group dude, Lowell Hochhalter, especially now that Connie Walker is on to the next tragi-tainment piece for the True Crime crowd.

Speaking of True Crime, there is obvious interest in the body found west of Superior, Montana, which hit the headlines yesterday with not very much context.

If I have anything to add it would be a suggestion to would-be citizen journalists who show up around 9am at the State Crime Lab to emphatically suggest any body that was brought in be treated as evidence: do not write on the sign-in sheet, under who you’re seeing, “anyone who gives a shit” because they WILL ask you to leave.

Despite my emphatic advocacy, I managed to calm down a bit when I realized the man standing near a conference room watching the exchange was The Director of the lab. We ended up having a nice chat about jurisdiction (their office is under the oversight of the Attorney General) as I explained the list of institutions I have lost any semblance of trust in.

I was directed by The Director to contact Kyler Nerison with the AG office, to which I replied “he doesn’t respond to my emails”. Then I directed The Director to my blog, where I told him he would find articles with titles like Coming To Terms With The Power Of Things Not Happening.

A good example of that power is the fact Rebekah Barsotti’s family has STILL NOT RECEIVED THE 911 CALL, something private investigator, James Terry, brought attention to in another Williston radio appearance.

I imagine a lot of attention is coming, but will it be able to see the scope of what is happening here? I’m going to do my best to make that answer is YES!

Thanks for reading. And thanks for giving a shit!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. Lisa Bennett says:

    The deep state is everywhere, not just DC.

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