If Missoula County Sheriff Chaplain, Lowell Hochhalter, Is Having Some Kind Of Professional Freak Out, How Can He Help The Sheriff Deputies Terrified Of Homeless Camps And Ominous RVs?

by Travis Mateer

As the title indicates, I’m worried the hat-ridden chaplain/LifeGuard CEO, Lowell Hochhalter, may be suffering a professional freak out regarding how his peers and potential clients are reacting to him and his organization, the LifeGuard Group.

First, let’s take a look at the case of John Ulrigg, someone well-known to local law enforcement. John sometimes comments on this blog, and we communicate through social media. I don’t judge the passion of John’s long comments, regardless of typos, as he raises awareness about his experiences with local power.

John Ulrigg, recipient of compassionate police attention

John recently forward a correspondence he had with Lowell Hochhalter and part of the correspondence features Lowell ridiculing Ulrigg for having THE SAME confusion I had regarding the FACT Missoula County employs TWO L. Hochhalters.

Here is the ENTIRE forwarded message, with a little commentary, and prepare yourself because it’s LONG (I guess Lowell Hochhalter is just trying to match John’s passion)

———- Forwarded message ——— From: Lowell Hochhalter <lowell@thelifeguardgroup.org> Date: Mon, Apr 18, 2022, 2:52 PM Subject: Re: A message from your 406 Stop Hotline website messenger. To: <inventionier@gmail.com> Mr Ulrigg, Your email is quite scathing and rude, especially to folks that you have never encountered before or met.

First of all, let me give some clarification. WE ARE non profit organization that works with those who are victims of human trafficking, whether that be sex trafficking or labor trafficking. We DO NOT “crack” cases. We DO NOT investigate cases. We are NOT law enforcement on any level. Your court cases that you speak of in your email…, we have absolutely no knowledge of. We are not privy to LE information, unless it is made public.

The emphasis I added at the end is the part where I think Lowell is lying. If you listen to the podcast STOLEN about Jermain Charlo (like I did) you will hear Lowell himself claiming he was privy to the direct questioning of Charlo’s ex-boyfriend, Michael DeFrance. That, along with the video footage he claims to have viewed, is enough for me to call Lowell Hochhalter, in this particular case, a bald-faced liar.

Let’s continue.

You accuse us of not doing anything to help you and your family, who you say were trafficked, but looking back through our records, you have never reached out to us previously as a victim of human trafficking. You have never called the Hotline, sent us an email, or called our office phone, NEVER. Your accusations about The LifeGuard Group, or me personally are completely false and unfounded. Your “coincidently” about Loren Hochhalter delivering you a restraining order is where I believe your delusion begins.

While Lowell claims John Ulrigg is delusional, I’ll remind readers that in a NBC Montana piece (I think this one), Lowell cracks a joke about impersonating law enforcement. Fucking hilarious, Lowell, and totally not a contributor to possible confusion on the public’s part.

Let’s continue.

Your anger toward Law Enforcement and specifically Deputy Hochhalter have nothing to do with The LifeGuard Group. Loren Hochhalter is a completely different person than Lowell Hochhalter, who, in fact, is me, the Executive Director of The LifeGuard Group. I AM NOT a deputy with Missoula County Sheriff’s Office. I DID NOT deliver a restraining order to you and/or your family. If you have a complaint with Deputy Hochhalter, which again, is NOT ME, you should approach the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office and follow their complaints process.

For you to accuse me, who you OBVIOUSLY, do not know anything about, of creating a “business” to profit off of victims of human trafficking is simply ignorant and foolish. You have no concept or idea what me or my family have done for those victims that we have had the privilege to come alongside and help. Your accusations are ridiculous and completely unfounded. You have absolutely NO knowledge, nor will you, of the victims of labor trafficking, sex trafficking and organ trafficking we have helped.

Organ trafficking? Please, Lowell, tell us more.

Your anger toward Law Enforcement, Judges, has been lodged against me and The LifeGuard Group. Yes, my son and my wife work for the organization. We founded this as a family 12 years ago and have been working to help people from that time, and will continue to do so.

As far as your facebook trolling, no, we will not delete your comments, or block your comments. We will allow your ignorance to stay on display for all to see. Mind you, we will defend the work of the organization and those that give countless hours to it.

Who we are, what we do, and what we stand for speaks for itself and will continue to do so. If you would have reached out to The LifeGuard Group, as a victim of labor trafficking, you would have found that we stand ready and willing to help. You would have found courteous and passionate people willing to help you navigate the system that often leaves victims behind. You would have found resources to help you during this time to make sure your family was well taken care of.

Instead, you ignorantly lash out and bite the hand that could have potentially fed you. I hope you find your way.

In The Fight,

Lowell (not Loren) Lowell Hochhalter, Executive Director THE LIFEGUARD GROUP 111 Higgins Ave N, Suite 430 Missoula, MT 59802 www.thelifeguardgroup.org 406-396-5053

After this long diatribe to counter what I’m sure was an equally long diatribe from John Ulrigg, Lowell Hochhalter shifted gears to another front in his defensive war against any and all detractors. It was on a Facebook post with Michael Burks, of Angel Flight, who is running for HD 97.

Before getting to the comment from Britney Higgs, I’d like to thank Lowell for preemptively blocking me on Facebook. I must admit I was a little confused why his response to Higgs wasn’t visible on my FB page, so I used a surrogate to check it out.

Here’s a portion of Higgs’ comment:

Here’s Lowell’s response, but typed out, because I couldn’t get a screenshot (emphasis mine):

Britney Higgs I know that Mr. Burks in NO way meant to devalue or demean what your organizations are and have been doing. He was not making any statements against anyone else. The comment made about being “fully health integrated” was to the point that we have medical, dental and healthy fully interlaced in our programming. We have no intent to “compete,” or detract from your mission. Our only goal is to be diligent in what we are doing. We have gained amazing mentorship and advice from many of the groups that you tagged above and honor all that they have done. It is discouraging, however, that our greatest detractors are those that are doing the same things we are.

Lowell Hochhalter might want to take a step back from that emphasized point he concludes his response with and ask himself WHY his biggest detractors are other organizations involved in combatting human trafficking. If Lowell Hochhalter did that, maybe he would discover that they are NOT in fact doing the same things the LifeGuard Group is doing.

I hope Lowell Hochhalter can get his shit together, because Missoula County Sheriff Deputies are going to DESPERATELY need their chaplain as transient traffic increases with the temperature, making those scary homeless camps EVEN SCARIER! Plus, we must remember that Missoula’s Sheriff, T.J. McDermott, is on his way out, paving the way for the muscles of Jeremiah Peterson to seize control.

I know you can do it, Lowell! I have faith in you, and part of that comes from how the Holy Spirit is working in my life.

I pray you find the strength to face what’s coming. You’re gonna need it.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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1 Response to If Missoula County Sheriff Chaplain, Lowell Hochhalter, Is Having Some Kind Of Professional Freak Out, How Can He Help The Sheriff Deputies Terrified Of Homeless Camps And Ominous RVs?

  1. John Ulrigg says:

    Thank you Travis for doing what you do

    Little bit of an explanation as to how and why my posts are diatribes
    Over the last years that I was kicked into the homeless lot all my property taken from me and I was forced into houselessness by our city government illegally taking my property

    And then if that wasn’t enough they set me up and falsely arrested me for assault on a police officer

    After jury trial is found not guilty this was 2006 the Gates of hell opened up

    As the city could not criminalize me as they have consistently tried to do they took to defaming labeling and slandering me

    So every time I open my mouth I feel like I’m speaking to thousands of people who have been lied to about what I am

    I was one of the most Footloose Fancy free people in the world didn’t have a care except my family and taking care of them

    I work for 5 years to establish a rental income was making $1,800 a month everything was paid for we owned four properties out right

    And we’re section 8 landlords

    The destruction that has befell my life comes from the justice system or lack of a justice system in this town

    I use text to speech because I cannot type fast enough to keep up with my brain

    If I tried to type out the words that I said my thoughts changed before I complete sentences

    I’m not the most well punctuated but I’m very articulate and completely truthful about what I tell

    Because of such it’s made me the point in Target of everyone in the justice system in law enforcement in this town

    I ran into a similar problem with the zootown blue a local police officer who was selling the shirts basically marketing his badge without a business license and in all cash business

    Saying that the money he raised was being put towards officers families after the officer was killed or wounded in the line of duty and military

    Nothing like monetizing what you do for a profession turning it into a cash business Zootown blue

    What I personally watched happen was the oligarchs take over a Missoula a contingent of missoulium employees that are not interested in the truth not interested in what’s right or wrong only interested in how they can turn things and twist things to their liking in their lifestyle

    Yeah these people did me wrong and they never punish their officers and every time I get stopped that God forsaken fucking computer in the car tells them things that aren’t true but can you correct that no

    Jake rosling defending his brother the heart patient from his youth felt like he had to take action when I outed the fact that he was putting fake documents into the background checks of citizens I did that

    The article still exists January 20th 2004 Wall Street journal Johnny elrig

    That’s particularly troubling to me when Akita can park her motorhome over on cedar and when the press and the authorities push the city for what’s going on they say it’s an ongoing investigation we can’t comment where the fuck was that when they destroyed my life and their fucking newspaper

    then when I cornered them in their legal staff and said prove to me what you did is not defamation they said that they were only repeating what the city told them and I said trumpeting falsehoods does not remove the fact that you’re slandering defaming and labeling someone’s life

    So I feel I have to come from a position of proving I’m not a less than because in the court of public opinion I’ve been shat upon and stoned

    And the people who are supposed to bring accountability to these people have none for me because I’ve been giving a Scarlet letter

    350 orange tag and drag tickets that have no due process behind them and they’re confidential so they don’t have to tell me who complained about my vehicles how many cops complained about my vehicles how many times did Annie norby complain about my vehicles because there ain’t no way 350 fucking citizens called and said this is a problem

    But no one calls out the bullshit and Miss Justice and abuse that the city levels out in fact people stand back and go well their police officers and government officials they know what they’re doing this guy’s a big mouth is just a piece of shit so yes my comments are long-winded because I’m trying to prove to people that I’m not a fucking moron I have a 145 plus IQ people

    I just don’t have the common sense to shut my mouth when people act and justly

    The ones that are most insidious are the ones that hide in government like Mr hawkhalter created a nice fat franchise out of the missing murdered indigenous program is really that’s all about trafficking right

    Also if we’re paying a chaplain because he’s a chaplain to be on the payroll at the sheriff’s department where is separation of church and state

    And when it’s supposed man of God chastised as a victim of human trafficking where’s his heart really lie oh someone took a swipe at his treasure chest of money and notoriety and how phony it is he doesn’t like it now he’s going to turn to his law enforcement buddies and they’re all going to pull out their nightsticks in with me when they get a chance

    The case of Johnny Lee Perry is quite interesting to me the case of Steven Gill is quite interesting to me and here’s why these men were homeless or houseless missourians who were killed in a condition of houselessness so I didn’t think until about 2 years ago that forcing me into a condition of houselessness and saying things about me in the public forum and Court of public opinion that I’m a violent objectionable person they were setting me up to be murdered

    After I’m dead and shot they’ll say will you see he has a history of being violent but the history is fucking fabricated because I turned in a prick fucking cop who lies and is now a shift Commander right Jake rosling

    You’re lying little impeachment person who pretends to be a police officer and boy all those years of protecting your heart patient little brother you can’t figure out that he’s an adult and does adult things and when he has someone speak out about the adult things he’s doing incorrectly it’s not your time to step forward as a law enforcement officer and abuse your position to destroy my life so fuck you Jake rosling

    in fact fuck all law enforcement here there’s no fucking accountability for any of the bullshit you do two years later having corners in quest for murders you committed and Johnny Lee Perry was a murder I looked at that tape can I got up there and tased and pushed your ass to be risked and getting stuck by a machete he can only take one or two swings and then you could tase the shit out of it but it’s just easier to dump the trash by killing it

    I saw those people with their signs on the courthouse lawn I rolled down the window and I said he killed a man in the pavarello center

    Nobody seemed to give a shit I did

    Steven Gill because of my being forced through the reconstituting machine I met him in jail when I was doing their dance for assault on a police officer

    I met this kid he was bouncing off the walls a million miles a minute reminded me of me

    To find out that he was shot four times in the back as he laid prone over the toilet that was never published anywhere they published the shit out of these last three corners in quest but not one little bit about Steven Gill could that be because it was a murder

    And basically I was scared to shit but I put it out there and made sure everyone know if I was killed by law enforcement they did this they made me houseless they painted me as violent they did all these steps so that they could execute me and walk away without any renumeration or

    There’s several things I don’t talk about Brian Cook development services worker for the city of Missoula tried to kill me drove me into the curb using a city vehicle and city employees investigated him and said he did nothing wrong all I have the police report where after I had an interaction with him in traffic of which I had no memory because I was in a coma

    The police officers took care of their friend and didn’t do anything about the fact that he left the scene of the accident went back to his office witnesses at the scene said the city patrol vehicle or white vehicle with the yellow flashing lights was next to me on the curbside of the shoulder okay so they looked at his truck to see if there was any collision marks there was none they said he couldn’t have anything to do with the collision the thing is I was on a scooter a 50cc scooter so he didn’t need to make contact he just needed to scare me to think and he was going to run into me and I slid out into the curb and was taken to the hospital in a coma

    For 2 years they wouldn’t let me have the police report and that’s because two years is all the liability they have after 2 years the city’s not liable for anything shit they pull

    So let me tell you what he still works for development services his boss and supervisor was stalking me for almost 2 years

    So they made me a Target and they were going to kill me I’m sure of it

    Just look at what they did to some of these houseless people I’m sure killology taught them that this is what you do and then you go home and bang your partner have the greatest sex ever because that’s the perk you get out of killing someone

    The 50th year City attorney the 20-year mayor the city council that’s nothing like it used to be the law enforcement oversight committee was dissolved by the standing City attorney so he could commit crimes.

    Jim Nugent is a thief he was caught stealing $25 from every poor indigent person that came through his court

    And the doj told him to stop doing it yet 5 years later it took a lawsuit to expose the fact that he never stopped doing it because he’s above the law

    I then pointed out at a city council meeting in the shortest comments ever I’m sure the mayor was happy about that but I walked up to the podium and I said Mr Nugent you’re either criminally complicit with your employees and you need to be gone or you’re absolutely unaware of what’s going on either way you’re not in control of your office you should move along and let someone else come in and we should establish elections for that position instead of 50 year oligarchism

    Sorry I’m so long-winded I never used to give a shit about what people thought about me until the article in 2018 February 18th 2018

    For 6 months I’d go down the street people flip me off call me names spit on me and all because of an article in the court of public opinion

    I have a veteran that has non-compat related PTSD my PTSD came from criminal Injustice and they continue to poke that button knowing full well

    The crisis intervention team says they will not in any way shape or form act to expose corrupt law enforcement corrupt criminal Justice system any of the things that provoke me to make me look like I’m crazy

    So they use psyops is what I’m saying to you soaps have no place in law enforcement not against citizens that have done nothing wrong

    They have situation should have due process every time the writing of an orange tag and drag ticket that should involve an appearance in front of a judge before they seize your property it’s called the Fourth amendment of the affirmation a citizen volunteer can’t write over affirmation they’re not a sworn law enforcement officer then you don’t get due process of appearance in front of a judge and they take your car and strong arm you give us the money or we crush your car or sell it to the public no due process this is an unmitigated thievery click because they indemnify themselves from any damages or theft that happens to the vehicles that they impound under this phony bullshit Kabbalah program

    Yes I’ll get off my soapbox I’m so sorry that I’m broken now a man afflicted with PTSD a man who can give a shit what people thought about him until they really started having horrible thoughts about him and a public area

    Law enforcement allows me to be the victim of crimes without prosecuting any of them

    You look on my Facebook page there’s a post about a current situation I’m going through with a narcissistic personality disorder who works with the sheriff’s department and the police department and the justice system in the court system when I asked her if she was a human trafficker at a district court restraining order hearing she screamed fuck six times at the top of her lung right in front of a judge in front of a bailiff in front of all these people all I did was adjourn court and let her collect herself that had been me what jail said would I have been in it would have been under the jail

    Enough shows you how sick our criminal justice system is they use mentally unbalanced people to attack people that they dislike where’s the Justice in that

    You cannot have an office that simultaneously protects you against lawbreakers but will not prosecute you when the law breaking accountable people say that you’re the problem so all it takes is to piss one person off in the law enforcement community and you have three factions of people who will bend the rules break the law and lie hourly to destroy you because you’re affecting their little grips like the lifeguard group zoo Town blue what is a turtle dove photography that Jason Denton runs without a business license taking pictures of cops while he’s on the clock and posting him up as part of his photography business or what the hell though Guy baker gets paid from the DEA and the city for the same hours right guy

    More than one person has suggested me a different times that guy baker has more to do with The disappearance of these women then just his alleged law enforcement we found here is that the criminals hide in the smartest of places in the police department

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