Heat Is Hot, And So Is Sex Work!

by Travis Mateer

I took this picture on Sunday evening and the billowing stuff in the sky is NOT clouds, but smoke from a fire, something that happens with alarming frequency this time of year in Montana.

For the Week in Review post on Sunday, I showed Zoom Chron readers how the Missoulian does AMAZING reporting about heat being hot, including how those without homes are being negatively impacted.

Well, thanks to Twitter, I see we have MORE amazing reporting from the Missoulian about the summer heat. It’s so amazing I don’t even think you need to read the article because just the image and the headline is enough:

Yes, this bear looks very relaxed, but is it as relaxed as the customers of Lavender Body Work?

A tipster told me this innocuous looking business may fit the pattern illicit massaging going on in Zoom Town. What pattern?

Well, first Soul Massage got busted, then the wheel came off my vehicle while I was driving it, which led to my speculation regarding the type of relaxation methods being utilized at BZ Spa (on a side-note, I’m still driving that loner vehicle–thanks Lithia!).

Since that reporting, I must have inspired some citizen curiosity, because the tipster not only got curious about this business open late on a Sunday night, he even went to check out the rates and it’s only $60 bucks for 30 minutes. What a great deal! And, if this review online is accurate, you even get to use the shower afterward!

I’m sure the owner of this commercial business, Liu Wan, does great work. Here is some of the Montana Cadastral info that’s publicly available:

It would be irresponsible of me to make the leap from these data points that some kind of “happy ending” massage business is going on at this location, so if our over-burdened law enforcement would like to check it out, I say GO FOR IT!

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Thanks for reading!

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