On Selling Sex In Zoom Town

by Travis Mateer

The crappy white building with the red “Soul Massage” sign is where commercial sex was available until the AMAZING Missoula County Sheriff’s Office busted ’em. Who could have known that more than “souls” were being massaged inside this unassuming structure?

How about the business that shares a dirt road with this dirt-bag-looking dude and his Asian partner who were peddling flesh for Missoula customers?

I took a look online and Hollywood Sheds shares more than a dirt road, this business actually shares an address with “Soul Massage”. Isn’t that interesting?

I reached out to Hollywood Sheds to, first, confirm they are open and, second, try and get in touch with the landlord. Was I successful?

As you can see from the the email, no, I was not. Darn.

My point is when it comes to sex crimes, the stuff that makes a headline or two rarely gets any substantive follow-up from local media. Take, for example, the case of J.D. Partain.

I don’t have to say IF the accusations are true in this case because J.D. Partain openly admitted to his premeditated plan to record his adopted daughter undressing in her room. Here’s the quote (with my emphasis) from my article, which I posted all the way back in December of last year:

I know there is interest in this case because I can see that my article keeps getting clusters of views over the past six months as the JOKE of our criminal justice system allows Partain’s lawyer to keep kicking the legal can down the road. Imagine being the adopted daughter who was violated by this sick fuck as the weeks turn to months? Disgusting.

It’s too bad J.D. Partain doesn’t understand there are legal ways to get his rocks off, but perhaps the illegality of his actions is part of the allure. This is NOT uncommon among repressed Christians. Maybe the solution is to immerse Christian culture in PRIDE month! I’m sure my INCLUSIVE former landlord, the ZACC, would by happy to oblige.

Here’s the ZACC using negative attention by “the trolls” to sell their drag show. What fantastic marketing!

I picked up my middle kid the other evening at his Middle School dance. On the way home he told me some of the things that he DID NOT like, and he listed Zoophiles, Pedophiles and Furries in that order. What would LIBERAL culture warriors recommend in this situation? Should I sit him down and force him to watch bestiality porn?

Did I imagine I’d be having this kind of conversation with my 12 year old when I first became a father 14 years ago? No, but this is the world we live in, and I won’t shy away from equipping my kids with information about what kind of agenda is targeting them.

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Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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16 Responses to On Selling Sex In Zoom Town

  1. TC says:

    Here are my thoughts:
    This is not a crisis – its just what has always been. My family moved from Midwest during the Dust Bowl of 1930’s (where we got names like Okies and Bums). No what though – they didnt show up in Cali with hands out saying give me. Cali didnt give a shit back then – go to work or get the fuck back to your shithole.
    In the Eighties all the good liberals hated on Pres. Reagan. They wrung their lotioned hands and decried homelessness. We even had a comedic telethon hosted by Robin Williams! I even gave my $25 and got a T-shirt cause this would solve this issue.
    Then in the early 2000’s we came up with Housing First. Pres. Obama (who I got assigned to on his Msla visit btw) said we are going to “end homelessness”. Ha!
    Of course Engen and bobbleheads nut sucked right on that idea. So we went from about 100 to today “664” homeless. Those numbers are so fucked! My school claims its 1100. Pick a number to fit your narrative.
    Here’s the thing – this is not a crisis. Its what is. These fucking narcissist actually thought they could solve the unsolvable. How arrogant these fuckers were, are and always be. Just give them more $ and they will quit failing miserably.
    Please vote for our levy

    • JC says:

      So, if “it’s what is”, and that is “unsolvable” to you, what are you proposing to do about the situation? You’d have to double or triple the size of the county jail to handle the load if you choose incarceration. Flathead County recently was budgeting an expansion of their county jail from 98 to 136 beds at a cost of 71 – 99 million bucks. Just expanding our county jail’s 224 adult beds to handle a quarter of the 664 homeless you quote would easily be a quarter of a billion dollars. Where you going to come up with money like that?

      Or are you proposing some kind of Malthusian operation to eliminate the unsolvable problem?

      Now, make sure you have a few extra drinks before you reply — it is Saturday afternoon after all. Makes it so much more entertaining. I so miss a good ole blog dustup like we had in the heydays.

      • TC says:

        Goodness – I was waiting for this. Thank you. As an aside, are you insinuating that Im a drunk like the “good” Missoula liberals like Engen, Talbot, Buchanan,Kidston etc.? Must be doing something right to be among such stalwarts.
        So … What would I do? Nothing. Well I think we should have a fully funded food bank and free pre-K (Whittier). I would also like to put money towards healthcare. But beyond that – fuck off. This liberal notion of “rights” makes me puke. Not one of us has a right to anything (think of the aborted fetus – did they have a right?). You just be being alive are not entitled to shit let alone a free home. Think of your Grandpa JC – did he slack ass along and expect someone else to cover for him? Short answer is NO – or you wouldnt be here to talk your shit.
        I really want to live on the beach in San Diego – should me and my family just show up and demand a house. Im mean its our “right”/s right? Should we expect to show up anywhere and expect housing, clothing, food, healthcare while we sit on the Malecon and feed the seagulls bread we didnt pay for?
        Housing First puts no responsibility upon a person. A person with no responsibility to a common communal good can fuck right off

        • JC says:

          So, TC, if your solution is to do nothing, why don’t you just do that… nothing? Why do we need to listen to your diatribe and ranting against people who are doing something?

          Nothing to see here folks… run along. TC has declared the situation unsolvable and to do nothing… well nothing that will do anything but make sure little kids have food, healthcare and a place to hang out for half a day with other kids. I guess that’s… generous?

        • I guess you took JC’s advice to booze it up before you responded to him.

    • John Kevin Hunt says:

      Um, this piece was about human trafficking as well as Travis’s suspicion that the shed business is closely connected by nore than shared address, to the busted handjob parlor.

  2. TC says:

    You are a poet – so you know words have an innate value. However, beneath words and supporting words is TRUTH. Never ceases to amaze me how people contort words beyond their meaning to fit a narrative. Look at the Missoulian – words like crisis, imminent, tragedy, dramatically, emergency, etc. None of those words as used actually describe reality. There is no TRUTH in any of their use.
    Back in the day I was taught that expletives were intellectually lazy; use one and automatically lose (people actually use loose here) the argument. Well now – Fuck that! When I call you a shit ass (hypothetically) there is no ambiguity yeah. But if i say, Travis you have an interesting POV – that came mean anything.
    Until we can start talking with (liberal buzzword) intention we will never get beyond our current social media/AI manipulation
    Note – this is where our local attorney and former Msla Blackbird will step in and tell me im full of shit!😁 I welcome it – love it actually. Love discourse even though those sideliners are always wrong (lets tease out that word fuckers) 😉

    • John Kevin Hunt says:

      “local attorney and former Msla Blackbird?” Of whom do you speak, and WTF is a “Msla Blackbird?” Enquiring minds want to know.

      As for The Missoulian and Lee Enterprises: they have a couple of reporters who know something about journalism, and the rest are hacks and shills for local government.

  3. Sounds to me as if your kids are getting good values from their education, if one has said he doesn’t like pedohiles or zoophiles. You cringe at having such conversations with your kids? For fucksake, how else are you going to guide their moral deveopment?????

  4. Who drinks what, and when, doesn’t make one’s ideological argument any stronger. I learned Grizzly pretended to be a drinker at his memorial on Saturday. Isn’t that odd? I offer some speculation in a post scheduled for Tuesday. I’m scheduling shit that far ahead because I need to get the fuck out of this goddamn valley for a bit to preserve the few shreds of sanity I have left to me. Please rise above your base urges while I’m away–you can do it, men!

  5. KM says:

    The two people busted for human trafficking are no longer on the jail roster. Anybody know what happened to them????

  6. KM says:

    Sorry about the duplicate post. My phone was being slow.

    • Actually, when you comment for the first time, I have to release it, so it wasn’t your phone. Thanks for taking the time to watch the roster and ask questions!

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