Week In Review: July 24-28

by Travis Mateer

book excerpt starts at 26:30

Did you know that heat is hot?

Yes, heat can be VERY hot, especially for the victim class the Missoulian MUST write about constantly to shame the rest of Missoula into blind compliance with local dictates regarding the helping strategies devised by those who have presided over everything getting worse and worse.

Am I a heartless asshole to pushback against the pervasive victimhood status placed on these populations by our pathetic local media industry? Maybe, but am I wrong?

After recording the review portion of this week’s podcast episode, I got trolled hard by Netflix. What did I expect watching Black Mirror’s JOAN IS AWFUL? Did I expect anything less than Selma Hayek’s presence in an episode that takes the blurring of fiction/non-fiction to a whole new level?

Damn it, I’m STILL trying to figure out what the synchronicity hiding behind this image means:

Music played a big part of the rest of the day/night, watching kids play jazz on campus, then going from XXXXs to spotlight brewery beats to sidewalk performers while watching buses bringing people back from the amphitheater.

Did I see families with kids out late? Yes, and I’m not judging that part. I’ve been out with my own kids fairly late. But I wouldn’t do it in downtown Missoula, not anymore. I saw one tweaker acting really fucking crazy just minutes before a family walked up to the intersection. Luckily he had just quieted down, but that’s because he was smoking something off in the corner from some tinfoil.

I walked away from that potential train wreck and saw an old Native woman I know. I stopped to see if her, or her companion, knew the name of the tweaker, but they didn’t. The guy watching out for her, a Blackfeet dude, DID know some of the same people I used to know on the street, like Navaho.

Here’s Navaho from Ashley McKee’s (now Farr) book, Missoula Rabble:

We talked about Navaho and his friend, Jake. Jake was young and attractive and I heard stories about him getting picked up in very nice cars sometimes. Navaho and Jake are both dead now.

The Blackfeet man told me he feels some very dark things in this town, and he gets afraid walking around at night. We talked about how many indigenous woman are going missing, and I told him about the fake helpers who easily con outsiders who come here to make their content for Spotify, then leave.

Oh, and she’s NOT HAPPY with Oppenheimer!

Yes, I’ll tell anyone who will listen about the corruption in this town, even the drunk guy with cute friends who just wanted to know if Gianforte had made open containers legal so he could sit on his tailgate and pound some beers.

I wrote a crap-ton of posts this week because I’m trying to stay busy and my kitchen hours were minimal. The trials and tribulations of exposing corruption in Zoom Town is taking a heavy toll on me, so as I navigate multiple legal processes, I’m keeping my prospects for August and September VERY open.

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If you appreciate how I shift my personal strife into creating local content, Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF) is one way to support me, and the donation button at my about page is another. Lawyers aren’t cheap!

Thanks for listening/reading!

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