Alison McDowell’s Graphene World Order: The Research Vs. The Rift

by Travis Mateer

When I interviewed Alison McDowell in January of this year it was because her appearance on the Higherside Chat podcast was so eye-opening, I felt compelled to have a conversation with her about how I saw technocracy developing in Zoom Town (Missoula).

Four months later, in April, I wrote this post about the conflicted role of blockchain technology and the rift that emerged between the purist position, as represented by Alison McDowell, and other activists, like Derrick Broze of the Conscience Resistance network.

McDowell made an appearance in the comment thread of that post to inform me that, due to my critical writing on the purist position, we are not “on the same page”. I was quite disappointed with her attitude toward this rift, and the speed in which an ally (myself) was written off for discussing it.

In June, an interview Whitney Webb did put this whole rift into context when she painfully recounted how a personal relationship with a man by the name of Raul Diego turned into a manipulative, toxic dumpster fire that seemingly pulled Alison McDowell (through Diego) into this conflagration. I wrote another post about this evolving situation.

The reason I’m going through this brief history is because Alison McDowell is back on The Higherside Chat podcast with another mind-blowing interview about the Graphene World Order. As I’ve consistently maintained, McDowell’s research is VERY important, which is why the manner in which she has allowed division to seep into the crypto-space has been so damn frustrating.

Near the end of the interview, McDowell talks about how to build resistance to the schemes of the predator class, but her discourse, at least for me, is no longer something I can just take at face value. I can still appreciate her research, but the damage to the social cohesion this rift has caused is not going to just disappear overnight.

One of the researchers McDowell mentioned in the THC interview is “Stephers”, a contributor to Mark Tokarski’s blog, Piece of Mindful. Here is a recent post she wrote about graphene.

While all this research is absolutely critical to furthering our understanding of the predator class’ movements to gaslight our cognitive functioning while herding us into a global, technocratic control grid, our understanding won’t mean a damn thing if we are wasting time and energy fighting each other over personal mitigation strategies that may or may not include using crypto-currencies as a tool.

All that said, I STRONGLY encourage RD readers to listen to McDowell on The Higherside Chat. The information is important and shouldn’t be discounted just because the messenger, McDowell, has negatively impacted the cohesion of the resistance movement with her anti-cypto purist stance.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to Alison McDowell’s Graphene World Order: The Research Vs. The Rift

  1. TC says:

    Hey Trav,
    I could be completely talking out of my ass here but I think you are losing (not loosing) focus.
    I know you have many interests and a global (ie 30,000 ft view). But know what – no one gives two shits.
    You are a citizen journalist. Those of us who care read you and Greg to have a greater inside on local affairs.
    If most people that come here for local news read about bitcoin/aliens/etc – guess what – they will stop visiting. No one local struggling with local issues gives two shots about some East Coast blogger.
    Sorry to be blunt. I love what you do – when you stay in your lane. We have a huge election coming up locally that will direct our community. That has real impact on real people right here in River City.
    So talk/blog meaningless bitcoin bullshit that no blue collar in Missoula cares about or step up and journalistically make a difference in you adopted hometown!0

    • Out on a limb says:

      Agreed, but this is no different then Stranberg posting his tidbits. These people are artists and writers, they need a personal outlet. I don’t agree with all they post but giving them
      some dues in a broader realm that keeps them motivated will keep them posting.

  2. TC says:

    Yahweh Man – you could talk report about so much. There is a Cop running for Council in Ward 5. He has amazing insight. There is a conservative running in Ward 4.
    There is a conservative woman (a CONSERVATIVE WOMAN!!!) running in the Rattlesnake. Unheard of 🤯
    You could interview Mayor Engen, or Ellen Buchanan, or Erin Pehan, or Donna Gaukler, or Jim Nugent about nepotism. You have a whole cornucopia of local topics to delve into.
    A whole array of topics that matter to locals.
    I get the feeling that you want to be Joe Rogan 2.0 – awesome! Like Joe, earn you bona fides locally. No one here struggling gives a shit about some privileged East Coaster angst about the make believe.
    Just thoughts -do as you Larping will.

    • Out on a limb says:

      Agreed to a point. I always enjoy hearing what East Coast Lord Checota is up to on this blog.

  3. TC, I can’t force people to talk to me. I’ve extended invitations to several candidates, we’ll see if anyone is interested. I know you’re interested in this content, since you’re one of the few readers who has made a financial contribution, but beyond that support, I’m not getting consistently paid by anyone to write six blog posts and one podcast episode a week, MOST of which is focused on local issues.

    I am DEFINITELY seeking attention outside Missoula for a number of reasons, but one of them is my belief that Missoula is a microcosm of some much bigger stuff happening, which is why I have interviewed people like Alison McDowell and Jasun Horsley.

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