The Conflicted Role Of Blockchain Technology For Those Fighting Against The Totalitarian Predator Class

by Travis Mateer

I’ve been watching a rift develop on Twitter over bitcoin and blockchain technology among people who should be allies. This is a very important conversation, but I don’t see it happening in a constructive way right now, so before the rift becomes a point of divide and conquer for our sociopath handlers, let’s take a look at what is being argued.

One of the best critics of where technology is taking us, Alison McDowell, has been very vocal against using blockchain technology for any reason, but even a critic like McDowell doesn’t always understand her own use of technology. Before getting to that, here’s McDowell from a post describing her position:

While more people are starting to talk about geo-fencing and medical passports, not enough grasp how blockchain identity and digital currency will interface with social impact investing to create an augmented reality prison-planet structure to profit the global elite. Their transhumanist “game” intends to harvest natural life forces as data in a misguided quest to trigger the singularity and turn us into cyborgs. The inability of people active in the blockchain space to engage on the topic of the spatial web and the environmental and psychic costs associated with the roll out of Internet of Bodies and the 5/6G infrastructure that will fuel it continues to be a source of frustration for me. I know I need to be more patient as everyone gets up to speed; but please, I’m asking folks to put in some serious time so you, too, can understand their game.

The other side of this Twitter rift is Derrick Broze from the Conscious Resistance. While Broze has embraced blockchain as a useful tool, he is not a bitcoin evangelist describing it as the second coming of Christ the way some advocates have. Despite this nuanced position, McDowell has taken issue with his use of blockchain and, instead of having an open debate, is now apparently blocking him on Twitter. Here a screenshot from last week:

Since McDowell is taking a critical shot at Broze from a purist position on blockchain, a reaction from Broze pointing out her own inconsistencies by using Odysee to back up her videos was inevitable, and it unfortunately proved his point that McDowell didn’t understand how Odysee uses blockchain technology. Here is an article from Tech Crunch describing this platform:

The site was created by the team behind the Lbry (pronounced “library”) blockchain protocol. Kauffman emphasized that neither Odysee creators nor their viewers need to know anything about the technology (“blockchain is a how, it’s not a why”), but he said this approach gives those creators more direct control of their content and their audience. As Kauffman put it, “Your channel exists, effectively, in a cryptocurrency wallet that you can download.”

The Lbry website offers a few more details: “For the same reasons that nobody can prevent a Bitcoin transaction from taking place, nobody can prevent a transaction (like a publication or a tip) from appearing on the LBRY blockchain.”

Since this was pointed out to her, Alison McDowell has taken down her Odysee account to better insulate her anti-blockchain stance from criticism. That means she will have one less avenue for protecting her content for the people who value her perspective.

Rokfin is another video platform using blockchain technology to allow content creators who have been censored and deplatformed elsewhere to get their content out. Should creators like Monica Perez and Brad Binkley, of the Propaganda Report, NOT use this tool for their audience? Like their fantastic interview with Alison McDowell?

I appreciate BOTH Alison McDowell AND Derrick Broze because they are bringing a more conscious awareness to their audiences of what is being prepared for us, but that work is being undermined by the high-school-like antics of this recent spat.

When it comes to technology, especially a new type of technology like blockchain, we need MORE conversation, not less because of purist posturing and ego clashes. I hope those who have dedicated themselves to consciously resisting the totalitarian goals of the predator class can get beyond this blockchain rift because we are ALREADY divided against each other on enough other fronts.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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18 Responses to The Conflicted Role Of Blockchain Technology For Those Fighting Against The Totalitarian Predator Class

  1. Not sure what you’re getting at here. Seems more like gratuitous piling on to exacerbate Broze’s manufactured rift. The blockchainers can certainly march into their smart contract spatial web. Everyone makes their own choices and must live with them. I simply asked if Freedom Cell people were surfacing such things. Interesting to me that you prefer to taken an inflammatory route rather than actually talk about the subject matter. Duly noted. Broze never did answer that question by the way. He certainly could have said 1) yes, I’ve talked about it, here’s the link or 2) no we don’t care to talk about it we’re busy or 3) tell me more. Instead he choose to cast aspersions at me, my work, and those who agree that these are important conversations to have in very belittling ways. I find it somewhat ironic that an agorist enterprise would end up being branded around internet celebrity with Broze so vociferously attempting to both protect his blockchain uses while at the same time claiming it’s not really about that at all. Honestly I expected more of you.

    • I’m sorry you see this as gratuitous piling on because that is not my intention. and I’m sorry that you’re reluctant to take any accountability for adding to a rift that you are now claiming is “manufactured”. that’s a step away from labeling Broze as controlled opposition.

      I think you’re work is some of the most important when it comes to identifying what’s coming, but what’s here now is a push for vaccine passports and a ramping up of fear to justify vaxxing my kids.

      is it worth pushing people AWAY from your work because blockchain is a more clear and present danger to you than others are willing to accept right now, for whatever reason?

      • Big Swede says:

        Yep, make sure your kids get the “cancer” shot.

        Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer. Prepare For Change / Derek Knauss

        There’s a secret layer of information in your cells called messenger RNA, that’s located between DNA and proteins, that serves as a critical link. Now, in a medical shocker to the whole world of vaccine philosophy, scientists at Sloan Kettering found that mRNA itself carries cancer CAUSING changes – changes that genetic tests don’t even analyze, flying completely under the radar of oncologists across the globe.

      • Clearly we’re not on the same road. Demoralizing, but it is what is. Good luck with what’s coming.

        • Do you mean to say you don’t get that the medical passports ARE the lead-in to blockchain ID for human capital bond markets? I’m flummoxed – truly.

    • You posed the questions and at the same time, or just before or after, you block Derrick Broze and I (John Bush).

      To answer your questino, YES, we both regularly point out the ills and pitfalls of certain elements of blockchain technology. We do it often. We even reference your work.

    • Allison, you blocked both Derrick and I around the same time you made those posts. You didn’t give us the opportunity to answer you. You already knew that we invited you to share your research on a Freedom Cell hosted event. And to answer your question, YES, we speak about the ills of certain blockchain elements often.

      • John, I blocked you after your repeated repostings to my threads about the wonders of blockchain. It’s all you ever talked about, and TBH I can choose who I engage with on social media. I blocked your partner after someone shared a derogatory remark he made regarding my post on blockchain. I asked generally if Freedom Cell people were talking about concerns over smart contracts, the spatial web, impact investing, geo-fencing, hive-minds. No names named – not a smear. It was a legit question. I followed the conversation on Mr. Broze’s page because someone tagged me on it. He never did speak directly to the issues raised and continues to avoid talking openly about serious concerns regarding the WHOLE blockchain enterprise which have been presented repeatedly by Joseph Gonzalez. I declined your invitations to participate in your reset events on principle – politely I might add -because it wasn’t a good fit and offered to answer questions directly if you had any. I do not have any meaningful relationship / engagement with either of you online or offline, and you are not entitled to my time or attention. You all need to get ahold of yourselves and move on. You look silly at this point. Don’t think people aren’t noticing. Me thinks the gentlemen doth protest too much.

  2. Ben Freeman says:

    Arguments over the pros and cons of blockchain technology are a long way downstream of what I think are the more important questions:

    – What is the role of money in human society?
    – What is the history of how money came to be?
    – Are humans really ‘homo economicus’ ? (in other words, is trade – even free trade – really the best way of running an economy)

    There are also questions that pertain more to the technological side of things, which I could go into, but just wanted throw in my 2c as a visiting reactionary/anticiv fellow.

  3. Brian says:

    Blockchains are just a means of storing data that can be proven not to change. Like any other technology, they can be used for good or bad. As many have posited, the Internet was created by the DoD with likely nefarious intentions, yet simultaneously today enables Alison’s research and dissemination of her excellent work. Alison: are you willing to give up usage of the Internet? Computers? Telephones?

    Technologies are merely tools – it is those that wield them that are responsible for whether they are weapons of enslavement or freedom. Attacks against any technology outright are misguided, counter-productive and in the end futile. Instead, we must focus our criticisms on *how* the technologies are planned to be used against us and work together to fight those plans rather than the technologies themselves.

    Because, ironically, it is often the case that positive utilization of those same technologies are key components in winning the fight. This is most certainly true of blockchains, providing uncensorable means of communication and financial transactions. To fight blockchains wholesale is to fight what are likely some of the most promising and important tools of preserving our remaining freedom.

  4. Chuck Finney says:

    “One of the best critics of where technology is taking us, Alison McDowell, has been very vocal against using blockchain technology for any reason, but even a critic like McDowell doesn’t always understand her own use of technology.” … I think that sums up why this has gotten so incredibly obnoxious for Alison and others who recognize the concerns she speaks to. That statement is degrading. And to support this sentiment by pointing out “inconsistencies” in her message vs. her actions of using Odyssee as being evidence of this?

    I think a person can only take so much of this belittling and lack of attention to the underlying concern posited before they turn away. She and, even more so, her friend Bantam Joe understand blockchain technology quite well and posit very valid concerns that get marginalized on these freedom cell and other decentralization platforms.

    One of Bantam’s latest, long and detailed posts on Facebook lays out his concerns. Here is a snippet of that post; “…yes, the entire blockchain space is a trojan horse.” And, if you are a buyer of crypto, you are FEEDING the MACHINE! Yes, ALL cryptos are transacting and participating with each other in one way or another.”

    Derrick’s conversation with Bantam over this was less than satisfying, leaving he and many others concerned that Derrick and John didn’t understand these blockchain technologies that they are promoting. In my limited capacity of understanding all this, before the blockchain/ crypto fiasco blew up, I levied my concerns with Xavier Hawk and Phireon participating in The Greater Reset event. (I didn’t have to know much about crypto and blockchain to be concerned about Hawks “decentralized government” effort. That one was too obvious. And it was concerning that neither Derrick or John picked up on it).

    I think what Alison posits as a concern is extremely important. And, for me, it isn’t so concerning that blockchain proponents buy cryptocurrencies and transact through blockchain technologies; just like it didn’t concern me that Alison used Odyssee (another blockchain tech operation that doesn’t deserve so much faith in its capacity to make us “free”);… it’s that you won’t shut up about how you think investing time and energy into these technologies is an act of freeing yourselves from the “totalitarian predator class” and encouraging others to join in.

    Lastly,… if you want to have a meaningful conversation, you have to speak directly and specifically to the concern being posited. You have to not belittle and you have to be open to the possibility of being wrong. Alison and Bantam have done much to lay out their concerns; their concern which recognizes the potential for this technology to undermine everything you are trying to accomplish. Their detractors have not spoken specifically to these concerns and demonstrated effectively how these concerns, in some cases, are alleviated. I think I am on the same page with their concerns when I suggest that you can’t fight the totalitarian predator class by encouraging everyone to sign up for the predator class’s fundamental tool of enslavement; that which is embedded in every blockchain platform.

    • Brian says:

      “if you are a buyer of crypto, you are FEEDING the MACHINE! Yes, ALL cryptos are transacting and participating with each other in one way or another”

      Chuck, Bantam and Allisson: did you trade your services this year for fiat dollars? If so, you then FED the MACHINE of the Federal Reserve beast that enslaves us today. Every single dollar that you accept or spend feeds a machine than enables perpetual theft and war.

      Did you post media content on any centralized corporate social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter? If so, you FED the MACHINE that enables mass censorship of the very truths you intend to share.

      And yet you continue to lambast proponents of bypassing those tyrannical tools of oppression that are far more REAL and PRESENT today. All because they share a common way of storing data with potential new threats?

      With that uncensorable means of storing data, in blockchains, be used nefariously? Of course, as will every technology available! But, IF blockchains didn’t exist, would “The Powers that Shouldn’t Be” be able to accomplish the very things that Allison is warning against? YES! They could still build non-blockchain Identity and Digital Currencies that would enslave us just the same. BUT… the uncensorable nature of blockchains is HEAVEN SENT in the battle for freedom.

      FOR EXAMPLE: VPNs are absolutely essential in the fight against tyrannical censorship in China. Yet current centralized VPNs are easy to block, compromise or shut down because there is a single company to go after, a single set of servers to block, force them to track users or get shut off. BUT, smart contracts built on blockchains allows Peer-to-Peer VPNs that are decentralized with no company to go after, no single set of servers to control. EVERY user becomes an exit node server, and China can’t shut down and jail everyone! The source code is nearly always open which means it can be proven not to have back-doors, nor can the software get turned off – once published, source code is there forever. (especially if published to a blockchain!)

      • You do you Brian. I don’t think it will end well given that we are in an end game spiritual engagement; but I assume you are an adult and can own your own choices. I recommend Yasha Levine’s book “Surveillance Valley.” These are military tools.

        • Brian says:

          Allison, the Internet also is a military tool, created by the Department of Defense. Once again, will you abandon your usage of the internet (and all the businesses that use the internet)? If not, how can you spiritually support a tool even more key to that surveillance you point to?

        • Brian – if you want to live in the spatial web, that is your choice. Some of us are resisting that future. Imagine what would happen if ALL the people pushing crypto were willing to talk about that? But they aren’t. They just aren’t which is a HUGE part of the problem.

      • Chuck Finney says:

        In trying to get an idea about where these technologies came from I discovered that the NSA was talking about this back in the 90’s. Prior to looking into this, in my research into Greater Reset event speaker Xavier Hawk, I came to his connection with Bernard Lietaer, primary creator of the eurodollar, and his presentation on cryptocurrencies and his presentation of the Bancor Protocol. (Interestingly the term Bancor goes back even further to Bretton Woods In watching his presentation, you might suspect there is a utility to the use of multiple digital currencies and blockchains to achieve the UN sustainable development goals. (Something that screams out at you when you look at the work of Xavier Hawk… whose presence at the Greater Reset event nobody in this space seems to want to talk about).

        I think it is important to recognize that there were 3 industrial revolutions before this one; and many colonial conquests and crusade before and during all this, which served to wrestle us all away from our natural existence.

        Each industrial revolution brought with it a level of dependency on the machine world and less on the natural world. So, absolutely we are all feeding this machine because we all depend upon it and we don’t really know how not to. You don’t think computer blockchain and digital currencies adds another layer of dependency on to this insane system?

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