Understanding The Manipulations Of Raul Diego And His Negative Impact On The Alternative News Community

by Travis Mateer

Back in April I wrote a post about the conflicted role of blockchain technology for those fighting against the totalitarian predator class. The conflict I was highlighting seemed to center on researcher Alison McDowell (who I interviewed in January) and Derrick Broze from the Conscious Resistance.

After writing that post, McDowell made some comments, including this one directed at me:

I never responded to this comment because I wasn’t sure what to say. I still GREATLY appreciate McDowell’s research because I think her perspective is one of the most important ones to take into consideration as we formulate ways to resist the totalitarian technocracy that is rapidly descending.

While I appreciate McDowell’s research, I DO NOT appreciate the rift that has emerged and the divisiveness it has created, with absolutist rhetoric coming from McDowell, making her sound like Bush Junior declaring YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US!

Where is all this coming from?

Earlier this week I got my answer thanks to a very courageous interview Whitney Webb (another amazing researcher who did unparalleled work on Epstein) did with Ryan Cristian on Rokfin.

The connection between Whitney Webb and Alison McDowell is Raul Diego, a former contributor to Mint Press News and, according to Webb (and the plethora of evidence she produced), a deceptive manipulator and crypto thief.

I had no clue about any of this when I interviewed McDowell, but I do remember being surprised at how vociferously she reacted to me mentioning agorism because of her assertion that agorists (and now I know she was thinking of Broze here) were entangling their ideology with the support of crypto currencies and blockchain technology.

After watching Whitney Webb painfully rip open her personal life to show, through private messages, how she explored a romantic relationship with Diego, I have a much better understanding of the individual who has seemingly ensnared McDowell in his troubling fixation on Whitney Webb, and his murky motivations for sewing division among the alternative news community.

According to Webb (and the evidence she produces to back up her claims), when the possibility of a romantic relationship with Diego fizzled, he turned on her and exploited his access to her crypto earnings and stole $10,000. The evidence is pretty damn conclusive.

Whitney Webb walked us through a deeply embarrassing and emotionally stressful time in her life in excruciating detail in order to help a fellow researcher (and mom) see the manipulator that has dug his claws into her psyche.

I hope it works.

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