On The Not Safe Consumption Of Alcohol

by Travis Mateer

I get it. You want to impose your beliefs on me for my own good and the good of others. It’s to keep us all as safe as possible as an invisible terrorist with spiky proteins stalks us. So you have no problem believing authoritative institutions like the CDC and the latest guidance that wearing TWO masks is better than wearing just ONE.

Since the TRUE BELIEVERS of masks are so so worried about health and safety I’m hoping they will help me impose my belief that alcohol is a terrible substance that destroys lives and therefore needs to be banned completely. Won’t you join me on this journey to save other people from the scourge of booze?

Maybe you think adults can take information and make responsible choices based on that information, like the fact alcohol use impairs judgement and fine motor skills. My high school prom date had to find this out the hard way when her young life was cut short in college due to a drunk driver hitting her as she crossed a street, killing her instantly.

It is my belief that the availability of alcohol has a tremendously negative impact on society, something my years working at the homeless shelter confirmed. So for anyone truly concerned about safety, the only thing to do to keep people AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE is to ban alcohol.

If the TRUE BELIEVERS of mask wearing DO NOT support the ban of alcohol I would like to know why? Do they want to preserve the freedom to choose for themselves whether or not to take a drink of alcohol and increase the risk of negative outcomes, like committing a vehicular homicide?

Now, I don’t actually believe it would be an effective use or resources to ban the use of alcohol. Prohibition failed for a reason, and that reason probably has something to do with people wanting to live their lives as they see fit without nanny state authoritarians dictating how we apply layers of fabric to our faces.

I’d like the TRUE BELIEVERS to think about that as they down that 4th gin and tonic while hunting Trump supporters on Twitter.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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