If You Don’t See The Censorship That Means You Are Already A Casualty Of Their War

by Travis Mateer

Censorship is ramping up and if you don’t know this is happening that’s because you’re already a casualty.

If you’re a gutless apologist for Big Tech, lecturing those raising the alarm about private companies doing what they want with their private platforms, you probably won’t spend any time reading the perspective of a dissident like Caitlin Johnstone, who wrote this last year:

In a corporatist system of government, where no hard lines are drawn between corporate/financial power and state power, corporate media is state media. Since bribery is legal in the US political system in the form of corporate lobbying and campaign donations, America’s elected government is controlled by wealthy elites who have money to burn and who benefit from maintaining a specific status quo arrangement.

The fact that this same plutocratic class also owns America’s media, which is now so consolidated that it’s almost entirely run by just six corporations, means that the people who run the government also run the media. This allows America’s true rulers to set up a system which promotes narratives that are favorable to their desired status quo.

Which means that the US has state propaganda. They just don’t call it that themselves.

The information warriors for the oligarch class have been VERY busy using the Capitol LARP to aggressively escalate mechanisms of censorship, like demonetizing Youtube accounts and purging “domestic terrorists” from Twitter.

A new front in this war is paid subscription models for content creators like The Last American Vagabond. You think your Patreon account is safe? Think again.

The result of deplatforming and demonetizing content creators will be the balkanization of the internet into more segregated information silos, so instead of reaching out to cognitively occupied sleepwalkers, these creators will be relegated to preaching to their respective choirs.

I know there are people out there awake to what is going on, but they feel alone and isolated. I spoke to an artist about a week ago, and she told me as much. She said she can’t talk to her friends out of fear of being labeled a Trump supporter, even though she was adamant that she is NOT a Trump supporter. She didn’t specific what topic she fears would garner her this label, but when Trump advocated for kids being back in school, if you shared that sentiment, that was enough in the minds of TDS sufferers to equate you with supporting Trump.

Speaking of TDS, members of Congress are exhibiting the virulence of this cognitive illness by ignoring the economic desperation of their constituents to make sure twice-impeached Presidents can’t be “recognized” on federal land, including the Arlington National Cemetery:

House Democrats are trying to make sure no one remembers former President Donald Trump.

With a bill that doesn’t mention Trump’s name but is clearly aimed at him, a collection of Democratic House members are looking to block any “twice impeached” president from pretty much any recognition on federal land. That includes barring federal funds from going toward building a dedicated “highway, park, subway, federal building, military installation, street, or other federal property” as well as preventing that president’s burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

This news is fine for broad dissemination because it’s divisive and reinforces the false narrative that we have two distinct political parties that work in opposition to each other. The reality is we have one corporatist war party that engages in partisan theatrics to keep citizens divided and impotent as the REAL goals of technocratic control is moved into place.

Those awake to this reality understand the hour is late and the war is moving into its final stages. The evidence is out there, hiding in plain sight, but you must use discernment to see it.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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