Week In Review: July 31-August 4

by Travis Mateer

I didn’t expect to break down while reading the chapter I selected from I am Laurie, but, well, I’m not in the greatest of places right now, so I left the reading how it is, with my vocal-chords sounding like shit and me barely able to keep it together.

I erased a lot of the crap I was planning for this post because I’m trying to understand some serious ambition to see me pay for how I’ve poorly managed my emotions since leaving everything I thought I knew in April of last year.

This week’s review concludes with a poem I just wrote and I sure hope it passes the scrutiny of my new censors. If it hints at a geographical direction I might be taking, that’s because staying in Missoula has become absolutely intolerable for me (I’d like to thank the trusted third party who has ensured one focus of worry has been removed and safely secured).

Yes, it can be scary when someone has moments of wanting to disappear for good, so to combat that bullshit I’ve revved up my sense of purpose through my most trusted means–language! May my coping device be a song that doesn’t suck as I think about direction, and time.

Yes, I have questions for Colorado, and a growing sense of doom if I remain in my current state of Zoom Town, so something needs to change.

While I figure that out, I plan on regular posting, since Parks and Rec reclaimed territory in Hellgate Canyon from a gang of houseless ruffians at the end of the week, and I haven’t had the chance to cover it yet!

Now, here are the links to last week’s posts:

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Since I am expecting more legal costs, I recommend Travis Impact Fund (TIF), or making a donation at my about page, if you feel inclined to support my work, which a few of you recently have! Gracias!

And thanks for listening/reading, there’s more to come, whatever it will be.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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