Throwing Municipal Money At Bullshit While A Gang Of Urban Campers Intimidate Parks And Rec

by Travis Mateer

This evening the same city leaders who have transformed our first responders into panhandlers will be throwing money at bullshit–money that has been debated over the last few weeks and is now ready for final approval.

For example, Missoula will spend $107,500 dollars for a lobbyist no one in Helena will listen to because they/them are representing Missoula, and outside this liberal bubble the rest of the state finds us absolutely intolerable. I can sympathize.

I clicked on the contract to look even closer at what we’re paying Central Housing Strategies to do, and I found this part interesting (emphasis mine):

The part of this emphasis that really interests me is the disposition of MDOT property, so I’ll try and find more on what this disposition of property is actually referring to. I was already planning on reaching out to MDOT in Missoula for a different reason, so I’ll add this to my inquiry list.

Another bullshit recipient of municipal funds this evening will be the Missoula Economic Partnership and the six figures our city will hand them so Grant Kier can yap on and on about economic development.

Again, I consulted the language of the contract to suss out the bullshit, and here it is (with my emphasis, of course):

Wow, Grant Kier’s organization does NETWORKING! And they engage in INNOVATION! What does that mean, someone told Grant to say WORKFORCE HOUSING while he’s constructing those PPPs (public-private partnerships)? What a fucking joke.

The panhandlers once known as firefighters have a more difficult road to obtaining their $7 million because that figure isn’t the throw-around kind, so mills have to be utilized, and that means a vote on the upcoming ballot.

Here’s the language from the link with my emphasis on the lie that this is a sustainable move to fund our fire needs:

Nope, NOTHING about our budget is “sustainable” because the property-owning piggy banks our elected leaders rely on to fund their schemes have limits to how much they can be squeezed before bursting. Unlike the rappers I listened to in my youth, property owners are NOT no-limit soldiers eagerly willing to fund the liberal utopia dreams of well-meaning idiots.

Now, how about a tasteless transition to that gang of urban campers who have held off Parks and Rec from doing their work for over a month. From the link (emphasis mine):

Crews moved campers out along the Kim Williams Trail Thursday and Friday.

We reached out to a Parks and Recreation official to find out what triggered the cleanup.

They tell us the department wasn’t able to maintain the area for six weeks because staff were being chased away. They also received complaints for safety in the area, adding a small group of people created a challenging situation for all.

I guess the unofficial plan of allowing a homeless death-dealer to poison people in this area isn’t coming along quick enough, so other methods had to be deployed.

Maybe if Grant Kier looks in the mirror and says WORKFORCE HOUSING three times something magical will happen!

Something magical will definitely need to happen to smooth over public opinions after what they’ve seen this spring and summer. According to Gomer’s MC, the funding wish-list for homeless services just got ANOTHER $2 million dollar request. From the link (emphasis mine):

While the Office of Community Planning, Development and Innovation submitted some budget requests several weeks ago regarding other needs, it returned to the City Council on Wednesday to request more than $2 million in funding for homelessness.

“What you have before you really does represent the most urgent need that is being recommended by all of those (provider) groups,” said Dale Bickell, the city’s CAO. “This budget does reflect the requests from that provider network as well as city staff recommendations.”

The requests includes the city’s $800,000 share to open and operate the Johnson Street shelter for one year at a cost of $1.7 million. The county would cover the remaining $900,000.

What, you didn’t believe me when I indicated our city leaders are NO-LIMIT soldiers on their mission to ignore the drug crisis they call a homeless crisis?

If you don’t me believe ME about the drug crisis, maybe you should listen to Ed Calderon. Here, I’ll make it easy for you, just click and listen.

Or don’t, and keep ignoring reality, like so many blissfully ignorant people successfully do in Zoom Town every single day!

If you’re like me, and you WANT to understand what’s coming, help me out by supporting Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF), or you can make a donation at my about page.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to Throwing Municipal Money At Bullshit While A Gang Of Urban Campers Intimidate Parks And Rec

  1. Mrs Stitch says:

    Bunch of tents along the river behind Lions Park again. I mean where are they supposed to go? But the spillway by Broadway Island is looking pretty foul. Even the ducks have fled.

  2. Mrs Stitch says:

    Regarding the drug problem, I’ve come to think tne homeless are the tip of the iceberg. Remember these guys?

    They lived down the street from me. Who knew. I think the junkies and tweakers are all around us. Those early am FedEx deliveries? What’s that about?

    That’s expensive! But no biggie if you’re expecting a bundle of no.4 heroin from a dark web seller eh?

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