Why Can’t Sara Quit Me? And How Many Of My Kids Will Go To School This Week?

by Travis Mateer

I’m hoping to get an answer to the first question posed in the title of this post. For context, I finally called the Health Department on Friday, October 1st, after receiving texts from the Sara Alert system for the entire month of September.

I was a close contact of my middle child, who tested positive for Covid on September 1st, so I got the Sara texts, and I kept getting them, so I kept answering to see how long this charade would continue.

The woman I spoke with at the Health Department was supposed to get these texts to stop. At least, that’s what she said she would do, but either she didn’t do what she said she would, or it didn’t work.

Tim Adams posed a fantastic question to me as we ate lunch on Friday. Does receiving these texts indicate I’m an “active” case? When someone finally calls me back from the Health Department, that will be one question I’ll be sure to ask.

The answer to the second question in the title of today’s post is 2. My little girl will be having her SIXTH day of in-person learning this year, while my oldest will be at home for THE ENTIRE WEEK. Apparently 8th grade is being so heavily impacted by Covid cases at Target Range, the entire grade will be remote learning this week.

While I watch my kids struggle through isolation from their peers and the general day-to-day uncertainty about their future, the National School Board Association (NSBA) is begging Biden to send the FBI after people like me because not being happy about mask mandates and expressing my unhappiness to school board members means I’m clearly a right-wing domestic terrorist.

The National School Boards Association, which represents more than 90,000 school officials, “begged” President Biden on Wednesday for FBI and Secret Service agents to help protect against “mobs” of angry parents protesting the mandates, according to the Daily Mail.

The NSBA wrote a letter asking the government to stand up against “mobs of angry parents”, labeling them “domestic terrorism” and “extremist hate organizations”. 

It’s almost funny reading this shit after experiencing the mobs of happy abortion supporters on Saturday. One group of young women who engaged with us crazy anti-maskers were especially happy to inform us how stupid we were. They were doctors, they told us (college students, I think) and they seemed a little miffed when I started talking about Myocarditis.

My favorite part was what they said as they walked away: SEE YOU IN THE ICU!!! they shouted as they cackled with glee.

While these medical students who will one day take the Hippocratic Oath expressed their hope that I will get sick and require medical attention in the ICU, other female supporters of abortions were making compelling arguments about the men holding signs having small dicks.

If these people want to wear masks for the rest of their lives while taking the monthly booster shot, fine, that is their choice.

What I want is THE SAME THING supporters of abortions were out in force to claim as their right: bodily autonomy to make our own health decisions.

But, thanks to the powerful influence of propaganda, the right to abort a pregnancy is seen by these people as good and noble, while the right to say no to a vaccine is right-wing domestic terrorism.

That is fucking crazy, but it’s the world we live.

If you haven’t already, please consider donating money to the legal fight to protect parental rights. It’s been 18 days since the last donation, and there’s still lots of money that needs to be raised for challenging this bullshit in court.

Thanks for reading.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to Why Can’t Sara Quit Me? And How Many Of My Kids Will Go To School This Week?

  1. Dee Saale says:

    Yes and when I had covid in August nobody contacted me. My granddaughter was supposedly exposed and didnt get a first call until a month later. This is what happens when you put the govt in charge. Totally inept.

  2. Greg Strandberg says:

    “Apparently 8th grade is being so heavily impacted by Covid cases at Target Range, the entire grade will be remote learning this week.”

    Why isn’t this in the media? This is a huge deal. How many students are we talking about…50, 100? That means twice as many parents are affected. How many have to stay home all week? I imagine many can enjoy using some holiday time, perhaps sick leave. But not all. That’s a huge financial hit. And what are the businesses they work for supposed to do?

    I don’t understand why the Missoulian, NBC Montana, or any other outlets aren’t reporting on this.

    • No, the Missoulian is busy reporting on how “mask-optional” policies are driving homeschooling. I didn’t read the article, since I don’t pay that propaganda rag to access their paywall.

      I know that there are kids struggling with not being around their peers, I know names (not, obviously, sharing here). This is nothing for partisans and trolls to make light of, this is seriously fucked up on so many levels, and I’m STILL getting the fucking texts. My response to Sara’s request today to submit to her inquiry? A very simple NO.

  3. colin says:

    If you have an iPhone you can get past the Missoulian paywall by clicking the “aA” “show reader view” button on the top left of your screen.

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