The Missoula Current Is A Joke And Martin Kidston Reports Like He’s Drunk

by Travis Mateer

For any Missoula media people covering the local municipal action, Monday evenings are when City Council get together to vote on important business facing our community. Sometimes this action can go late, and reports can get garbled.

I’ll be charitable and speculate that Martin Kidston must have been really “tired” when he published this incomprehensible mess. I’ll do a screenshot instead of a quote, because I’m sure it will have to be heavily edited, maybe over a steaming cup of Joe.

Here’s the screen-shot quote:

The deplorable state of our local media is a very serious thing right now, with propaganda foot soldiers like Gomer Kidston kicking it into overdrive to produce absolute crap with titles like ‘CODE BLUE:’ AS PANDEMIC RAGES IN MISSOULA, HOSPITALIZATIONS, DEATHS ON THE RISE.

I put the title in ALL CAPS to ensure Kidston’s fear-mongering is loud enough, because I’m not sure Missoula is getting the point that the PANDEMIC IS RAGING! and DEATHS ARE ON THE RISE! Tell us more Marty!

As the number of Covid-19 cases in Missoula County continue to soar, elected officials are pleading with residents to mask up, get vaccinated and practice social distancing.

But those efforts have largely fallen on deaf ears, as only 65% of the county’s eligible population has been vaccinated. Missoula now stands as the state’s No. 1 viral hot spot outside Yellowstone County, with more than 1,800 active cases.

For a little contrast, here’s a tweet Tim Adams put out yesterday. We’ll be discussing this and much more in today’s episode of Zoom Town.

So, in summary, while Martin Kidston struggles to string together coherent sentences while doing his duty to message the desperate pleas from our braintrust to get jabbed, Tim Adams is taking data released by the state and extrapolating potential trends.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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10 Responses to The Missoula Current Is A Joke And Martin Kidston Reports Like He’s Drunk

  1. TC says:

    All you need to know about local media are the following:
    1) A local (and beloved) State Senator recently posted that Helena had a mobile morgue set up to deal with Civid deaths. Former Lt. Governor and recent Demo Gov. candidate also parroted that claim. Turns out it was just a mobile MRI – like sits outside of St Pats
    2) Missoula Mayor recently toured Community Hospital and was present during a Code Blue (active death). Dr Engen stated this death was the result of Covid (even tho actual cause by actual medical professionals was undisclosed as per law).
    Neither of these things were reported or questioned by local media.
    That is local media in a nutshell -never question the power structure or blatantly cover for it

  2. Concern Troll says:

    Maybe you should look closer to your own backyard first? No statistical difference from the last two weeks, the last two weeks have been breaking multiple previous records. I guess you think those previous records were inflated or incorrect or that that’s an expectable number of sick and dead and so higher numbers don’t matter?.

    • “Cases” are based on PCR testing, which you apparently do not understand. PCR is based on amplification cycles, a geometric progression, with 40 cycles in use right now, amplifying a sample strand of RNA pulled from a test subject by 1,099,511,627,776 times, or two raised to the 40th power.

      The problem with this is that after 25 cycles PCR results, even when used for intended purpose (not for diagnosis of disease), begin to lose reliability at 25 cycles (70% reliable). At 30 cycles, we are reduced to 20% reliability, at 35 cycles, less than 3% reliable. Testing labs, as instructed, use 40+ cycles, so their results are meaningless. It’s just noise. But this is the heart and souls of the supposed “pandemic,” testing for meaningless results.

      Those in power, those behind this hoax, know this full well, and depend on the ignorance of the public and of testing labs, doctors and nurses to keep the pandemic alive in the mind of the pubic, If testing stops at noon tomorrow, the pandemic ends at 12:01.

      You should not post on things you know nothing about.

      • The only testing was a rapid test done with the middle kid on 9-1.

      • If we are testing for a virus never isolated or even proven to exist, no test will find it. All test results of all kind are fake.

        • I know where you stand on this and I keep an open mind on a variety of different scenarios.

        • Do more, get better. Look into virology, scientific papers, don’t stand in the shade. They either know what they are doing, or they do not. We can discern if we have intellect and skepticism.We are outing a hoax here, and all that is needed on your end is to remove your shades.

      • Concern Troll says:

        Newsmax claimed the same thing not too long ago on Facebook about cycle counts then removed their post because it was found to be inaccurate. Show me a scientific body that agrees with your conclusions, there is none.

        • Not too good using your own brain, your own resources, eh? So relax. You’re just like everyone around you, unable to think properly, basically clueless and married to your TV. Anyway, not that you’ll go there or be able to process anything. You’ll continue to badger the host here with your ignorant nonsensical claptrap. But unlike you I do base my opinions on evidence, not TV news. This link is to a paper at Oxford Academic, which is why I used the 70% 30% and less than 3% reliability of PCR testing …

          You’ll be back, I am sure.

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