Bob Funk’s Priorities And Pumpkins To Disappear Homeless Campers

by Travis Mateer

Before getting to the wonderful priorities of Bob Funk, the Communications Director for the Montana Federation of Public Employees, I wanted to give RD readers a link to my first piece published at Missoula County Tyranny, titled How Many Pumpkins Does It Take To Disappear A Homeless Camper From Cedar Street?

The answer is ten, but you have to click the link to read about how I arrived at that number.

Now, on to the priorities of Bob Funk, who recently reacted to a display of resistance in Helena like this:

While Bob was busy getting all morally righteous about the assholes displayed in the image above, a local Missoula teen was getting the societal benefit of having one of Bob’s public union employees allegedly grooming him for a sexual experience. From the link:

Hellgate Elementary School teacher Scott Hamilton has been taken into custody on charges of Attempted Sexual Abuse of Children and Sexual Abuse of Children- Possession of Material.

Missoula Police Department received information regarding the alleged offenses and immediately opened an investigation. The Investigation is being led by Detective J. Harris who is part of Montana Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, ICAC.

Here is a screen shot of the teacher who allegedly wanted to give a teenage boy the benefit of his sexual experience:

What does Bob Funk think of this? I’m guessing for legal reasons, he won’t say a goddamn thing about it, because this is one of the employees Bob has a professional duty to protect.

Now, for a little more context on Bob Funk, here’s an old post from Greg Strandberg. From the link:

From what I can tell, Bob Funk was born on November 18, 1987. That makes him 28 years old and has been working in Helena over by the McHugh Trailer Court since February. Before that he was down in Colorado, working on the 2008 campaign of Jared Polis, “the first openly gay man to be elected to a first term in Congress.”

It was clear to party operatives that Funk had some skills, and they quickly sent him off to a key battleground state…or one they figured they didn’t have a chance in, depending on how you want to look at it. Yep, that was up in Alaska, and Funk was soon working on the campaign of Mark Begich, who he helped win. That was a big deal, because it knocked out Republican Ted Stevens, who’d been the longest serving member of the Senate to that time.

You’ll find a lot of good information on Montana’s Bob Funk on the Evergreen College website. That’s the Olympia, Washington, school that Funk went to. He graduated in 2009. That’s right – he had to go back to school after that exciting election year. It was a bummer, but after the work he did in 2008, Funk was awarded with an executive assistant position for Senator Tester.

So, in conclusion, Bob Funk is just another Democrat operative spending time on Twitter mocking the resistance to public school policies while one of the employees of his union is trying to fuck teen boys.

If this is the kind of “societal benefit” Bob’s public schools are providing kids, I suggest parents consider the alternatives.

I know I am.

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