The Big Lie Is That Joe Biden Won The Election

by Travis Mateer

Before you assume I’m just a sore loser still angry at the results of the 2020 election you should know I voted for Kanye West for president.

This isn’t about getting Trump back into the White House, at least not for me. It’s about acknowledging the fact that the integrity of our voting system has been destroyed.

The trickle down destruction of our voting integrity doesn’t just call into question the legitimacy of Joe Biden. For me, after sitting through the 3 hour presentation last Wednesday at Alliance Church, I’m now questioning things like school bond votes and repeated Mayor Engen victories.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the presentation for yourself:

If you can sit through the full presentation of evidence that the 2020 election was stolen and STILL think Biden legitimately won, well, you are proving the power of corporate media to brainwash the public.

Another person who thinks our votes should count and DID NOT vote for Trump is Garland Favorito, the amazing election integrity activist involved in a very important legal challenge in Fulton County, GA. If you want to know the latest on his efforts check out this podcast episode from The Propaganda Report.

Thanks for reading.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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6 Responses to The Big Lie Is That Joe Biden Won The Election

  1. Skilliam Wink says:

    Come one dude, get with it. Here you are saying that people who believe the election results were legitimate are brainwashed, while you straight up peddle in conspiracy theory brainwash?

    It’s great to question things but, when you assume that because you’re questioning something, that it inherently means the answer is the one you want, is so freaking childish.

    For example, I could get on the news and say “I’m not saying Travis Mateer steals money from his employer, I’m just saying I haven’t seen proof that he DOESN’T and I think we should probably find out if that’s true or not,” and then when you feel like that is an insult based on made up nothingness, I respond by saying “Well prove to me you don’t.”

    You’re doing the equivalent of holding your hand 1 inch from someone’s face and saying “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!”

    Please god, practice how to actually decipher information and then make decisions based on all of the information, instead of assuming simply because you ask a question that the answer is the wackiest shit imaginable.

    STOP IT, you reptile. You’re leading a witch hunt of jackassery.

    • I bet you believed the Russiagate fairy tale regarding the impossible loss of the anointed purple one, which gave you the great orange menace. I’m sure the voting software is infallible and people like me wanting something quaint like a receipt verifying a vote is counted properly are just sad losers who believe in the wrong kind of conspiracy theory.

      • Skilliam Wink says:

        No, not at all but you really jumped the shark on that comment with all kinds of name calling eh?

        NO voting method is infallible, particularly when you have 330+ Million citizens in a country. BUT there have been countless audits and investigations (including by many people who stand to gain by finding inconsistencies) that have found the cases of incorrect voting and/or fraud are statistically 0%.

        The amount of right wing sheeple name calling in your post is like…yeesh dude. Is “anointed purple one” Hillary Clinton? I actually thought from the beginning that she wasn’t a great candidate to the general public. Outside of being a woman (which presents its own challenges), she just did not come across as likeable and of course, she had the name Clinton which, the new rabid batshit GOP conservatives would not handle and so you got “but but but…the emails!” That doesn’t mean that Trump was a good choice, nor does it address the fact that he actually LOST the election by millions of votes. I know you voted for Kanye, I get it, you’re a radical with a sense of humor.

        You wanting something quaint like a receipt is a) not a bad idea, but also b) doesn’t solve the issue you claim to be mad about. Imagine if everyone in America who voted had a receipt – so what? So then in a recount situation you’d go around and have every voter come back in with their reciept or…what’s the plan? Again, I would also appreciate a piece of paper for peace of mind – but it wouldn’t solve the issue you’re ranting about.

        You’re not a sad loser because you believe in the wrong kind of conspiracy theory, but it’s a bad look to spout the “well yeah but you don’t know about facts and you’re brainwashed!” line while you simultaneously spout off things that have in fact, been discredited and are only espoused by those in the greatest amount of denial about events. And that is what’s dangerous – is keeping that conversation going and then responding with the tone of “sorry I’m not a sheep like you!” as your defense. It’s not helpful for you to learn, nor for other people to maybe think differently.

        Come on now dude, just try a little harder to not be unnecessarily outlandish, because you cut your own feet out from underneath even if you were ever to actually stumble upon some “truth” that was real. There’s lessons to be learned from the boy who cried wolf…

        • In 2000 I followed the Bush/Gore controversy, which resulted in HAVA, the Help America Vote Act. That was the funding mechanism by which (by now) almost every US polling station has converted to electronic machines. (I live in Colorado, a mail-in state with paper ballots. I think that is more secure, as paper ballots can be recounted again and again. Then, only ballot security and chain of custody matter.) Still, with electronic machines, any election can be tossed. It is fortunate that weak candidates on both sides render such manipulation unnecessary for the most part.

          Time and again electronic voting machines have been shown to be easily hacked, and no effort has been made to repair their defects. There were other checks and balances, such as exit polling, said to be more accurate than actual voting. Exit polls showed that Bush lost both in 2000 and 2004, but of course the answer there was to 1) adjust exit polls to conform with the official outcome, and 2) cease exit polling. It is no longer done.

          Alas, with Obama, I lost interest in electoral politics, losing track of Black Box Voting. I no longer follow not “voting” but rather “election” fraud. I realized that at least at the presidential level, they do not count votes. I imagined in 2016 that Trump might have carried Utah and Alaska, no more, but with Hillary such a scarecrow, maybe … we can never know.

          In 2020, I saw with Super Tuesday and enormous and seemingly spontaneous shift to Joe Biden, assuring him the nomination. I assumed massive election fraud, as Biden, an apparent psychopath and a man who could never do better than weak third in primaries, suddenly inspired people. Huh? Joe? Really? I knew he would “win” in November. But it hardly matters, as the hands up his ass control him. We do not know who the real rulers are. Such has it always been. Do you really imagine that the leadership will be given over to whims of Walmart shoppers?

          As Like like to say, before they are elected, they are selected. Biden was selected, not elected. But then, so was Trump.

        • Skilliam Wink says:

          I appreciate most of your response, being measured and conducive to actually talking about a topic. Frankly, I can’t say I disagree with your assessment on on paper vs. electronic voting.

          You ask “Do you really imagine that the leadership will be given over to whims of Walmart shoppers?” as if the answer would be no. I think that’s EXACTLY the desired result. That’s how Republicans win elections while regularly losing the popular vote – it’s far far better for those in power to have the whims of Walmart Shoppers putting them in power, than it would be for any informed populace to be making that choice. It’s part of why Republicans have tricked the working class into voting for them while they objectively fuck those same people over with policy. Now, the dems do this a bit too but jesus, the GOP has turned it into a goddamn artform of hypocrisy.

          I think saying Joe is “an apparent psychopath” is a bit much but, to answer your inquiry: No, people weren’t “suddenly inspired” by him. Not at all.

          But it’s objectively true that Trump and his confrontational Populism movement scaring all those Walmart shoppers into a frenzy that A – somehow their country was being taken from them (the ultimate irony being that that sense of “loss of what America used to be” was heavily caused by globalization, the endless desire to pay less for everything at Walmart, and many Republican policies that have eroded government programs and refused to pay a living wage to Americans since Reagan) and B – the vague and empty promise that “something great” was always coming just around the corner. This was also so out of the textbook of how authoritarianism rises, that it was/is shocking that so many people didn’t have their hackles up as the plastered the American flag with his face.

          Joe Biden didn’t win because he was inspiring, he won because of the overwhelming amount of people who feared another four years of Trump and the irreparable damage that it would cause to our country voted for Trump’s opponent. I’m already bummed about Biden’s lack of action in a lot of areas but, then again it’s exactly what I expected. America sort of needed a dull, middle ground, white dude to beat Trump so that a candidate would be palatable to some who voted for Trump in 2016. Someone with a hugely inspirational message would have been utterly destroyed by the GOP. I mean, shit, there are still Trumpkins shouting “communism” without knowing what that means and it is working on all those walmart voters.

          Anyway, thanks for the response. I would also prefer mail in/paper ballots as the default.

        • My point is that reduction to two choices renders voting meaningless, especially when the candidates choose from are chosen for us in advance, the primaries a scripted show. Donald Trump was an actor. Biden too is reading a script, but appears mentally challenged. No matter if he is just reading his lines. Nobody gets to that office by accident.

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