The Violent Offender Hot Potato Pass Along Game We Call Criminal Justice

by Travis Mateer

Piece of shit is not a clinical term, but it seems to apply to Doug Skoczek and his recent criminal history in Montana.

Before we get to the woman he violently attacked with his fists, leaving clumps of her hair on the floor of the CRISIS CENTER where she was working at the time of the attack, let’s go north, to Kalispell, where Doug allegedly engaged in very similar behavior:

A Kalispell man is facing a felony charge of burglary after a violent incident at a local taco restaurant.

Douglas Edward Skoczek, 35, is lodged in the Flathead County Detention Center on $75,000 bond.

According to the criminal complaint, when a Kalispell Police Department officer responded to the scene, several employees said a man had entered the restaurant, assaulted an employee and left.

After another officer arrived they saw a man matching a description of the suspect in a cafe across the street. When officers asked him to identify himself, he refused. They also smelled a strong odor of alcohol on him and he was belligerent and using profanity toward the officers. Eventually, the officers identified the man as Skoczek.

Now, let’s get a better sense of who we are talking about.

POS Doug Skoczek

That image is from August, 2020. He’s a little thinner now (meth-ier?) and has longer hair. And this piece of shit allegedly went to the place that tries to help those in crisis and did this:

The victim was standing with the door slightly open and her foot was behind the door to keep it from opening further. Skoczek rushed the door without warning and slammed into the victim. Skoczek drove the victim all the way across the entry way and slammed her into the far wall.

The victim her hands up in front of her face and chest in an attempt to protect herself, but Skoczek punched her in the face at least 12 to 15 times. Skoczek was also grabbing the victim by the hair. The officer observed at least three distinct piles of hair on the floor in the area where the assault took place.

“Skoczek continued to stand above the victim and punched them,” Arnold said. “When the victim asked Skoczek to stop, Skoczek proceeded to kick the victim in the ribs. Officers were able to locate Skoczek and transported him to the Missoula County Jail on felony charges. It is unknown the root of what started this incident.”

When I cast the information net a bit wider, a Doug Skoczek pops up in this Washington State corrections document covering 2011-2015 (PDF). Here’s the screen shot:

None of this context will take away the trauma that poor woman just experienced. I say that having experienced a much less severe attack in a similar capacity.

What this context SHOULD DO is raise some big questions for our illuminated brain-trust about the porous, bullshit nature of their homeless-industrial complex and its ability to manage this worsening dumpster fire.

Unfortunately, our political leaders at the city (and their funding prisoners still referred to as homeless advocates) were recently forced by the health department to clean-up the human feces three pregnant women were living near in the very visible makeshift encampment a few dozen feet from the homeless shelter.

Before getting to a description of the crisis that necessitated Tuesday’s multi-agency response, here is the congratulatory part of the article:

The Homeless Outreach Team connected several people to the Missoula Coordinated Entry System, referred three pregnant women to the YWCA, began work to gain admission for one person to the Temporary Safe Outdoor Space, helped several people with resources to reach home in other cities and connected three people with the Missoula Housing Authority, where they obtained housing vouchers. The Poverello Center furnished some campers with gift cards and jump-started cars to help people return to their hometowns or reunite with family.

And now, here is a description of what was allowed to be established just feet from the official homeless shelter along one of Missoula’s main routes into the downtown core:

On Friday, September 24, the Health Department was made aware of the unsafe situation resulting from a recent significant increase in the number of people camping and congregating outside of the Poverello Center and on adjacent public and private property. This camping area has not been reviewed or approved by the Health Department. The current conditions have become unsanitary and pose a risk to public health and the environment.

There is inadequate solid waste management. The accumulating solid waste is both a health risk and a safety/fire hazard. Garbage can attract insects, rodents, and other vectors, creating conditions that can easily spread infectious disease to those in and outside of the encampment. Improperly discarded needles present a physical hazard, as well as a serious biological hazard. Further, trash and other items that are not properly contained can easy blow around, creating a widespread litter problem. In addition to the obvious aesthetic issues associated with litter, this trash can end up in our storm drainage system and in our valued waterways.

The people living and congregating in this area are not consistently accessing bathroom facilities when necessary, resulting in a concentration/accumulation of human wastes. Avoiding contact with human waste is a foundational principal of public health protection and communicable disease prevention. The bacteria and viruses present in human feces, urine, and vomit can be transmitted to other humans, either through direct contact or by vector transmission (insects, rodents, animals). Many of these bacteria are pathogenic, meaning they can cause illness in humans. The resulting illnesses are often serious and are very easily spread to others. The individuals are camping in very close quarters, often only feet from others, which further increases the risk of communicable disease outbreaks.

Now that the issue is being forced by the health department, the PR work is being done by our 16 year incumbent with bullshit flowing from his mouth like this:

“We continue to strike the balance that’s necessary to keep all residents of Missoula feeling safe,” said Mayor John Engen in a press release. “We can’t cede our public spaces to illegal camping, but we also need to continue to recognize that homelessness doesn’t go away because we just moved people along. The complicated work of creating sanctioned, safe camping spaces and ultimately providing safe sustainable shelter for our residents in need continues. Health, public safety and public welfare are values that the community expects me to uphold.”

That balance didn’t quite work out for ANOTHER pregnant woman who had ANOTHER piece of shit by the name of Joe Igneri allegedly threaten to kill her unborn baby. This happened Saturday near the Pov while Joe was apparently trying to score some meth:

Officers spoke to the employee who witnessed the incident. The employee said a male and female were both yelling at Igneri and telling him to leave the area.

“According to statements gathered at the scene by patrol officers, Igneri was looking for meth,” Arnold said. “When people told him to leave, he threatened a pregnant woman with a knife, had the blade open, and was making comments about killing babies. Officers were able to review video that was consistent with witness statements and accounts of the situation. Igneri did not comply with officer’s commands when being taken into custody. However, officers were able to take Igneri into custody without further incident.”

The pregnant woman told the officer that she thought Igneri was going to cut her stomach. She said Igneri told her “babies are f*****g retarded and I’m going to kill yours.”

If you’re curious about what this elderly man who thinks babies are fucking retarded looks like, here’s a screen shot:

POS Joe Igneri

Poor Joe, can’t find meth and can’t stab the retarded babies. Maybe it’s time for Joe to go back to prison. That’s where he was after he stole money from the Poverello Center when he was WORKING THERE under the brilliant tenure of then Executive Director Ellie Hill, now State Senator Ellie Boldman.

While jurisdictions and institutions pass along POS hot potatoes, the people influencing Missoula’s political topography for the majority of this century continue directing dollars and dictating policies, despite the clear failure of their efforts.

I’m really curious which rung of the power ladder eliminates the existence of accountability. Maybe one of the new concern trolls can answer that question in the comments.

And, finally, for a synchronistic cherry on top, I read the following passage last night before bed about how the FBI fucked up the opportunity to arrest the Montana Freemen before they made their move to Jordan Montana on the night of September 28th, 1995.

Here is the excerpt:

At that time, local authorities who had been besieged by Freemen fanatics for more than two years finally had enough manpower and firepower to equal the bullying outlaws. Could the locals have stopped the convoy and taken the Freemen out on the open highway? There certainly would have been some resistance–possibly, even probably, some bloodshed. But it would have ended then and there.

Later I spoke with one of the key officers who had been involved that night. From him I learned that local officers considered the FBI’s interference to be an outrageous dereliction of duty. The idea that these criminals could just roam at will on the streets and roads, penetrating the hearts of the towns unchallenged, was too much for the lawmen to stomach.

While one county, Musselshell, was temporarily relieved of the Freemen problem, it was dumped on nearby Garfield County. Montanans pride themselves on taking care of their problems, not shoving them off on their neighbors. And local authorities and the citizens they were sworn to protect were enraged by these buck-passing orders from the FBI.

At daylight on September 29, Sheriff Smith and remnants of the SWAT team went to the abandoned Freemen fortress. They were accompanied by agents from the FBI.

I’ll have more to say about this book later, but for now, wow, that’s quite a synchronicity.

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