The Unstated Competition Between YWCA Homeless Families And Refugees In Missoula

by Travis Mateer

The harsh reality in Missoula is this: we can’t house everyone, despite continuing to fundraise and build emergency shelters intended to be short-term, transitional spaces for vulnerable populations in need, like families.

Last year the YWCA was raising millions to build a nice, new facility on 3rd street. Now they’re complaining about not being able to find housing for their families, resulting in moving them out after 90 days without a long-term solution.

With families on a waiting list to use the Meadowlark building, the YWCA is moving families out of the building who have been there longer than 90 days.

“The bigger problem here is we need more long-term solutions. The family housing here at the Meadowlark is really a short-term emergency housing program,” Margolis said. “It’s intended to be a quick stay.”

It sounds like a problem without an answer, but Margolis says otherwise.

“The families that we are working with often just can’t compete with other renters when they are applying for housing in Missoula,” Margolis said. “We really need more landlords and property management companies to partner with us and say, ’OK, I’m going to rent to these families, I’m going to take a leap of faith,’ even if they don’t have the best credit or renters history.”

I added the emphasis on what Becky Margolis claims they REALLY need (after they got 8 million from Missoula’s generosity) because I have a different idea about needs, and it goes a little something like this: Missoula needs to get FUCKING REAL about the on-the-ground reality people are experiencing before thinking HEY, I KNOW, AFGHAN REFUGEES!!!

On that front, here’s a different article about a different group of people in need that Missoula’s deeply caring community is flying into our housing crisis:

The first of 75 Afghans arrived in Missoula on Sunday. They came on Special Immigrant Visas and now, as humanitarian parolees through the Afghan Placement and Assistance (APA) program.

At-risk Afghan Nationals are granted humanitarian parole status over fear for their lives as the Taliban takes over Afghanistan. The APA program is designed to provide refugees with resettlement services for 30-90 days after they arrive in the United States.

The emphasis on THIS excerpt highlights the SAME time-frame “humanitarian parolees” will have to compete with YWCA families for housing in Missoula. What happens to the refugees who don’t get into housing after 90 days? Where do they go? To the Poverello Center where meth heads sometimes threaten to stab babies in the womb?

If privileged Missoula virtue-signalers continue to ignore reality in their quest to save the world, people on the ground will get hurt. People are ALREADY getting hurt because our leaders are NOT BEING REALISTIC about dealing with the problems we ALREADY HAVE before bringing more people in need to our little valley.

I hope this changes. It probably won’t. Stay tuned.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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4 Responses to The Unstated Competition Between YWCA Homeless Families And Refugees In Missoula

  1. TC says:

    Im thinking (seriously) that I will become some sort of Non-Profit based out of my house. That way Ill never have to pay City/County taxes, will be eligible for for grant funds and will be accepted by the greater Missoula virtue signalers. I can gather out all the monies proffered and ensure that I give myself a huge salary (maybe even name my son with a title so we can double dip). Im sure we’ll have $2.25 left over for our mission.
    Ive bitched about Missoula and its liberal brain trust for a long time. Now I realize I just need to get in step. Its all about becoming a Non Profit! That is the key to success in this River Zoom Town. The final upside is never having to be accountable to anyone/anything – just need to whine via social media.
    Now to find my cause. Homeless (i mean unhoused) is taken, LBGTB+++ seems saturated, immigration/refugee has been claimed….. just need a liberal feel good to claim as my own. Im open to suggestions – just need a cause that the good hand wringers can embrace. Best suggester gets a board seat.
    Thanks for your help

    • I suggest a subsidized strap-on dildo program for disadvantaged, appendage-less individuals who want to actualize their true calling to PEG THE PATRIARCHY! I didn’t know that “pegging” someone meant putting on a strap-on and fucking them good until a queer woman of color put that phrase on a piece of clothing for that wonderfully progressive MET GALA event:

      I think a portion of this plan could entail teaching elementary school kids how to use strap-on dildos, so you should probably reach out to Grace Decker at United Way to see if any of that ZERO TO FIVE money can be used. I’d ask, but my dick and skin color indicate I’m one of those patriarch representative who needs a good pegging.

  2. TC says:

    Great suggestions but alas as the reviled cis gendered white male I dont fit the right demographic. Perhaps I can convince my wife to quit health care and do something important in life ….like starting a Pegging for Tots non profit. Or I could “Drag” it up and join the library reading program. That might recenter my innate patriarchal failings and allow me to be embraced by the Missoula inclusive Elite

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