Alberton School Board Member Amy Lommen Isn’t Losing Any Sleep Over Taking Choice From Parents For Health Decisions

by Travis Mateer

The reason those supporting choice and bodily autonomy must use the courts to protect their rights is pretty simple: the illuminated ones who fervently believe in the efficacy of fabric barriers and the products of Big Pharma cannot be swayed by rational arguments.

I received some evidence the other day that shows how the illuminated ones perceive their intelligence as existing in another stratosphere from the dim-witted parents they clearly disdain.

The screenshot is a comment from Amy Lommen, a school board member in Alberton. The response is from Grace Decker, a school board member in Missoula County. Both women work with the Zero to Five program.

Amy Lommen seems really proud that her sleep is undisturbed from denying parents the choice to make health decisions for their kids, and Grace Decker is right there to confirm this Covid cultist is a part of her school board/Zero-to-Five tribe.

Later today I’m going to donate money to this fundraiser raising money to legally challenge the mask mandate in Missoula. Over $11,000 dollars of the target goal of $30,000 has already been raised.

I’m also going to donate a monthly $10 bucks to Brian Festa’s organization We the Patriots. If you want to hear a fantastic interview with Festa, click here.

It’s a waste of time trying to win arguments outside a court of law with this contingent of true believers. The fight is being taken to the courts and that fight requires MONEY, so if you can donate to local efforts to fight back, please consider doing so.

And thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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3 Responses to Alberton School Board Member Amy Lommen Isn’t Losing Any Sleep Over Taking Choice From Parents For Health Decisions

  1. It’s interesting that after providing you with dozens and dozens of court decisions from the United States Supreme Court and federal Circuit Courts from 1902 through this year, you still believe that parents will get judicial support in their crusade against public health If ever there were a “true believer,” I suggest that it isn’t the school board members, but you. Sure, a Montana District Court Judge might make an outlier ruling, but it won’t stand. There won’t be any more two hour efforts from me responding to demands that I answer questions. It’s apparent that you didn’t read a single citation, let alone make the effort to actually look up and read the decisions.

    It’s the same with peer review scientific journal articles. There isn’t room in your big brain for facts and findings, as it’s cluttered with firmly entrenched beliefs.. That’s the definition of a “true believer.” Yahoo News (WHEN it appears to support your opinions) is the preferred kind of secondary and tertiary source material. It’s so disappointing, because you’re among the most brilliant individuals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

    Generalizing and misconstruing this as a “taking away parents’ rights to make their childrens’ health care decisions” is alarmist. It’s not inaccurate, however, when it comes to school boards and state governments acting to protect children from parental choices that could kill them (and others).

    What about the parents who choose to maintain an environment for their children least conducive to infection by Delta? Responding that they’re free to mask their own kids doesn’t cut it, as you’d know if the data on masks and transmission were of interest. Maximum diminution of droplet and aerosol exposure is needed, which does not occur with rooms of masked and unmasked kids. Nor should the onus be on parents who trust science, to keep their children home.

    Ah, but this is futile. Time to turn attention from the device to the outside world and get busy.

    • I would definitely encourage you to get away from devices. I will also suggest you double-check your comments because I will no longer be removing the comments you make and think twice about, messaging me and texting me to ask for their removal at all hours of the day.

  2. Djinn&tonic says:

    hmm, don’t fly Delta, mmkay!?

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