A Local Fundraiser For Parental Choice On Masks And An Example Of Liberal Tolerance And Inclusion For Broadway Actress Laura Osnes

by Travis Mateer

For today’s post I’d like to highlight two things.

First, a local online fundraising effort was launched six days ago to raise money for a legal challenge to the Missoula County public school mask mandate. Nearly $4,000 of the $30,000 has already been raised. From the link:

A group of parents in Missoula County has joined forces to file a legal challenge to school mask mandates by Missoula County Public Schools and Target Range Public Schools. 

We believe that mask mandates in schools are an infringement upon citizens’ constitutionally-protected rights to make decisions for their families. 

And, second, I’d like to bring some positive attention to a gutsy Broadway star who is taking a stand against medical authoritarians (formerly known as artists) and their coercive methods to impose conformity on those who claim personal autonomy in making health decisions for themselves and their families.

Laura Osnes is a badass, and this is a portion of her statement:

In early May, I accepted an invitation to perform in a one-night benefit concert at East Hampton’s Guild Hall. A month ago, I was informed that protocols had changed, and I would now need proof of vaccination to participate. I was disappointed but responded that I would have to withdraw, as I have not yet gotten the vaccine. It is also important to clarify that none of my fellow performers ever “pressed me on the matter” before I withdrew. It was a drama-free and discrete transition. 

Page Six wrote that Guild Hall representatives claimed, “performers have the option to provide proof of full vaccination OR a recent negative Covid test result.” This negative test option was never extended to me. I would have tested in a heartbeat — something I have been doing for months, and will continue to do, in order to keep working safely. 

Knowing the issue of vaccines passionately divides people, let me share the details around my current vaccination status. First, it is a legal right of all Americans to have their medical privacy protected. Mine has now been broadcast with an attitude of shame and demonization. Secondly, I believe individuals have the right to do the research, consult a doctor, and come to their own conclusions before deciding whether or not to get any injection.

My case is personal. I stand by the decision my husband and I, with input from our physician, have made for ourselves, our family planning, and our future. There is so much that is still unknown. Someday, perhaps we will feel more confident in the research to consider a different position. With the information that is currently available, however, I have a conviction that I (and many others, both in and out of my industry) feel compelled to stand by. 

Covid-19 has negatively impacted millions of lives and is still a very real concern for me. The safety of my colleagues and audience members is extremely important to me. I have been involved in several projects that have successfully navigated production during this time, carefully and completely Covid-free. Venues and artists have proven it can be done without vaccine mandates, through regular testing, social distancing, improved ventilation, quarantines, and other protective measures. I say this for myself and so many others, who are concerned about their rights, reputations, and livelihoods being on the line. 

Every soul is entitled to live according to their convictions and work without being publicly ostracized. My conviction does not discount my care and commitment to safety during this unprecedented time.

And how will the caring, inclusive liberals who believe woman should be able to make their own choices about their bodies react to this?

Yes, it’s true, many formerly tolerant liberals have been infected with a mutant strain of cancel culture known as the January 6th variant. This virulent strain impacts the liberal mind by inverting concepts once seen as GOOD–like autonomy to make medical decisions based on informed consent–and transforming them into dangerous RIGHT WING PLOTS.

Conservatives experienced something similar after 9/11, when religious freedom and personal liberty had to go because enough naive patriots were convinced Islam was the problem and it was extremist Muslims who were attacking us because they hated our freedom.

Remember that?

Maybe someday people will stop erroneously assuming we have two distinct political parties and wake up to the harsh reality that our political duopoly is a BIG CON designed to keep us fighting each other while billionaires send their dick rockets into space, but I don’t think that day is today.

Have a great weekend!

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