Zoom Town Mayor Forum August 10th

by Travis Mateer

This week’s episode is an analysis of Missoula’s Mayoral forum, held on August 9th and put on by the City Club of Missoula.

Primary ballots will be mailed out soon for the September 14th primary. Stay tuned for more coverage.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to Zoom Town Mayor Forum August 10th

  1. TC says:

    Per your conversation with Tim (and countless conversations around Missoula); yes our taxable values are sky-rocketing! Yes, the City has more taxes into the coffer. So the question is – why are our taxes increasing, why are we being asked to bond the next pet project when we could pay for it up front.
    Here is the answer -its very simple – all of our new windfall tax revenue is captured/committed by the MRA. Mostly all new revenue (increased revenue) bypasses the general fund (which could offset property taxes, fund social projects, pay for pet projects) and goes directly to the MRA (an unelected body that is appointed exclusively by the Mayor and doesnt answer to citizens). If the City (ie citizens) could reap the taxable benefits of our new Zoomy gentrification we wouldnt be wringing our hands over $300 K in local gas taxes (a pittance).
    Every issue that troubles Missoula is directly the result of syphoned money by the MRA. But damn – it got us the Hip downtown (and soon to be “MidTown) Ellen Buchanan always wanted. Guess it pays to have dirt on a 16 year incumbent Mayor.
    If only the “stupid” people understood the complexities of TIF – Six Pony will explain it.

  2. TC says:

    Oh – forgot one last important detail. No matter how much increased tax revenue lands in the City account due to gentrification and rich, passive income Out of Staters, most of us will not be alive to see that transferred to the general fund (thereby relieving the burden on regular folks). You see, almost all of Missoula has been divided into TIF Districts. Therefore all increased revenue will go directly to the MRA. And this will go on for 20-40 years (look it up). The MRA has at least a 20 yr lock on all districts. At year 19, they can do another project and extend their timeline at least another 20 yrs.
    So good citizens, based on the MRA, dont ever expect to see the benefit of Missoula’s increased value. Expect to fund all things (necessary or pet) through increased property taxes.
    There is a reason the most liberal state, California, banished TIF – its corrupt and corruptible (look it up).
    Come on Six Pony -earn your $100K of tax payer money to spin this as false!

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