Missoula Mayoral Forum Open Thread

by Travis Mateer

I don’t have time for a proper post this morning, but I did want to put something up before today’s VIRTUAL mayoral forum, so consider this post an open thread.

One of the candidates, Greg Strandberg, has been writing up some great posts lately, like this one excoriating the local GOP after their endorsement of candidate Shawn Knopp.

Strandberg acknowledges he’s got little to no chance, and he had been banking on making a big splash with a well-rehearsed IN-PERSON performance, but days before the switch to virtual, Strandberg made the prescient prediction the format would change.

And he was right.

Enjoy the performance, Missoula, and remember what I’ve been crowing for months now: SUPPORT ABE! (Anyone But Engen).

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to Missoula Mayoral Forum Open Thread

  1. ABE, the Dems’ Youngster Bully and Serial Defamer, and the Teflon Mayor

    For opponents of the mayor’s re-election, ABE may be a way of denying him a majority in the primary and thus requiring a general election between him and the primary runner-up, but it guarantees that no one else will get a primary majority, either, as anti-Engen votes are split among three candidates.

    The lack of a united opposition to the mayor’s re-election makes it extemely unlikely that anyone could shoot the moon and pull an upset against him in the primary. The Engen opponent with highest fundraising, cash on hand, and largest following is Jacob Elder, who remains an enigma. His posts, positions and statements have been all over the board — some of them very disturbing as they exude apparernt prejudice toward houselsss persons and others.

    A genuine progressive who worked for Elder’s campaign quit, saying that Elder was a right-winger with reactionary positions. He’s also been paintball-splatted with fabricated allegations by that guy’s paramour, prolific serial character assassinator and confabulator Maggie Bornstein — the misandric youngster bully of the Missoula Democrats — that he’s supported by right wing militias. You blew up that baseless claim a while back by asking for Bornstein’s sources. She ultimately told you that her source was Montana Human Rights Network. So, you called MHRN to verify that, and learned that they had never made any such finding, that MHRN wasn’t paying attention to local races, and that Maggie was an MHRN intern not authorized to speak for them.

    This Mayor has behind him not only a formidable machine, but he is an amazingly Teflon-coated public charmer. Few could turn intoxication on the job, going berserk on an aircraft in flight, rumors of drubk driving in a city-supplied vehicle, and disappearing for a month without explanation, into a standing ovation by a packed Wilma Theatre audience upon announcing that he was running for re-election, following his confession to afternoon boozing and revelation that his month of absence after the aircraft episode was spent in rehab after a post-flight intervention. (Incidentally, the Peoples’ Court — the voters — issued their verdict by overwhelmingly re-electing the mayor. I mention the saga not as reason for opposig re-election. That would be out of line, in my opinion. Let those without sin, cast the first stone. HIs public confession was courageous, his apology was accepted by the People, and they forgave.)

    The only one with mastery of facts, figures and detail that can produce worthy debate with the mayor, is Greg Strandberg. He’s right on regarding many things, but beyond being Missoula’s Harold Stassen, he’s also posted some truly repugnant material includiug a disgusting piece mocking the appearance of a local activist who is LBGTQ, entitled “She’s a guy.” That’s disqualifying.

    Engen will be declared the debate winner, and if he doesn’t garner a majority in the primary, he’ll face either Elder (most likely) or Knoppf in the general election. The machine that’s been assembled over the last 16 years will re-elect him.

    — Kevin Hunt

  2. The forum just concluded and my first impression is that Greg Strandberg KICKED ASS! I have 14 pages of hand-written notes from the two hour event and my co-host, Tim Adams, and myself will be getting into the nitty gritty tomorrow on our weekly podcast, ZOOM TOWN, so stay tuned…

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