The Montana Post And Missoulian Allow Democrat Tom Winter To Spread Misinformation About Violence At The Capitol On January 6th

by Travis Mateer

Joe Biden is a titular figurehead of American power projection who can barely string coherent sentences together. While Texas descends into third world chaos, and Kamala Harris speaks with the French president and other heads of state, President Joe is playing Mario Kart. What inspiring leadership!

As President Joe throws red shells at his granddaughter, a Montana Democrat is throwing misinformation around about January 6th at anyone dumb enough to listen. Here is Tom Winter making the bullshit claim that Capitol policeman Brian Sicknick was bludgeoned to death by a fire extinguisher on January 6th (my emphasis):

Our Governor made his name assaulting a reporter. Then, after failing to buy our governorship for $5 million in 2016, he flipped over the seat cushions in the ol‘ private jet and found another $7 million for the second try. Now he has another mansion – the governor’s – to add to his collection. His former employee, our very own Senator Daines (R), incited a violent coup attempt against our democracy. His mob of traitors beat a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher in the US  Capitol. And then there’s Rep. Rosendale (R), eagerly along for the seditionist ride, grinning like a 58-year-old-schoolboy anytime Fox News needs a talking head to shout conspiratorial lunacy.

This specific misinformation about Capitol violence was first broadcast from journalist LARPers at The Montana Post, and now it’s showing up in the op-ed section of the Missoulian. Isn’t it interesting how the same partisan assholes who want to hunt down Trump supporters for being Qanon conspiracy theorists have no problem publishing easily refutable claims about their political foes?

Tom Winter’s op-ed is shit from start to finish, but I’m glad he wrote it because it gives me the opportunity to remind readers that a few years ago Tom Winter was sniffing a TIF opportunity to enrich his property investment with public money:

A U.S. congressional candidate from Missoula plans to build eight to 10 three-story, high-end townhomes in downtown Missoula near the Clark Fork River.

On Thursday, the Missoula Redevelopment Agency’s board voted unanimously to allow Tom Winter to proceed with work on deconstructing the older houses at 322 Levasseur St.

Winter plans on submitting an application in July for Tax Increment Financing assistance for deconstruction of two buildings and for required public infrastructure upgrades at the site, and the Thursday vote allows him to move forward without prejudicing a future application.

If Democrats want to stop being electoral losers in Montana, I have two quick suggestions to consider: stop using public money like it’s your own personal piggy bank, and stop spreading misinformation about your political opponents.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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