Tom Winter Sniffs TIF As Threat Of War Bums Me Out In Paradise Valley

by William Skink

I am writing this post from a cold and rainy Paradise Valley. I’ve done a mostly good job unplugging and only using my devices to do the customary tourist thing of documenting everything on the old smart phone. Mostly.

Sure, I check in from time to time to see if a shooting war with Iran has started yet, but I definitely wasn’t going to do something like write a post. Then today went to shit, tomorrow we may be driving through snow, so I said to hell with it and finally brought out my computer.

I only check Twitter on my computer, and that is where I learned about a Democrat getting in on the MRA ka-ching while ALSO doing that I want Montana’s Congressional seat thing.

So here I am, doing the predictable ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME thing because you really couldn’t script a more perfect embodiment of all that is wrong with the political engine the runs Zoo Town.

Did I mention this guy’s name yet? Ladies and gentlemen, meet proud Missoula gentrifier and shameless Democrat who wants your vote for Congress, TOM WINTER!!!

A U.S. congressional candidate from Missoula plans to build eight to 10 three-story, high-end townhomes in downtown Missoula near the Clark Fork River.

On Thursday, the Missoula Redevelopment Agency’s board voted unanimously to allow Tom Winter to proceed with work on deconstructing the older houses at 322 Levasseur St.

Winter plans on submitting an application in July for Tax Increment Financing assistance for deconstruction of two buildings and for required public infrastructure upgrades at the site, and the Thursday vote allows him to move forward without prejudicing a future application.

It wasn’t enough to have to read those words, no, I had to also glance at the accompanying picture of Tom Winters looking at me from the Missoulian website and, man, does the dude have a smug little smirk of his face.

Missoula Democrats are all in for gentrification enabled by MRA’s skim & give schemes, and they have no reason to stop if they keep getting votes.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s time to vote the bastards out before the “recession” hits. A real winter is coming, not some smug punk grinning like he made it just in time to the feeding trough.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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3 Responses to Tom Winter Sniffs TIF As Threat Of War Bums Me Out In Paradise Valley

  1. Tony Cate says:

    Thank you so much for your reporting recently per Missoula TIF. I dont think that Missoula residents (and/or) property owners realize how much the MRA ( read – Ellen Buchanan) are breaking Missoula. The Mayor, City Council and Ellen Buchanan exist somewhere in a limbo zone between the Haves and the Have Nots. They are using their positions to desperately ingratiate themselves into the “Haves”. In doing so they are willing to sacrifice the heart/soul of Missoula to get theirs.
    Even though President Trump is terrible, Mayor Engen is his mirror opposite as the Champion of the Righteous Liberals ( flip image of Magats).
    Thank you for continuing to do real journalism (as opposed to Engen’s lackeys at Missoulian/Missoula Current). Hopefully people are reading your posts and becoming informed! I appreciate your effort!!!

    • I very much appreciate the feedback, sorry this comment got stuck for 3 days.

      regardless of how far these posts reach I have no intention of stopping. I’ll have a post up soon about a City Council candidate worth checking out.

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